Sunday, March 7, 2010

Waiting takes time

It seems that all I do in my life is wait, wait and wait.

You know what? Waiting takes time. And time passes you by. Before you know it, you've past your youth, your time, your life.

And for what? To only regret it down the path in 2 years time? 5 years time? By then, it'll be too late. Besides that, you can never ever relive those moments you gave up or walk the other path.

What spurred this post is that I was supposed to watch a movie with a friend today. BUT up to now, that friend (let's name him- A) has yet to confirm the time of the movie! The last I heard, he was booking the tickets which was 3hours ago! It's only courtesy to inform one of what's going on, right?

What am I? Someone to be at your beck and call? For you to jerk around when the mood strikes you? If you have your own plans, tell me. Cos I definitely have my own things to do! Ish.

This is not the first time A has done this. Countless times, in fact. Many a times, I feel my friendship is taken forgranted. But that's just me. Maybe I am being a tad drama-ish. But this is not the first time either. At times, I, myself don't even understand why I put up with such treatment.

Is there something written on my forehead that says,"Gullible", "Doormat", "at your beck & call", "Use me, I have no feelings"???!! Then again, there are those who probably beg to differ from my assessment. I've come to this point where I start to question whether it is worth it going all out for a friend, for anyone?

Either that or I am just meeting all the wrong people.

But life goes on. When moments like these, I remind myself that not everyone takes me for granted. GV, my colleague of 2 months is forever sweet and what she said to me weeks ago about how my friendship matters to her really touched me. Every time I kid about resigning, she'll give me dirty looks and somehow I know that I will be missed. This makes me feel that yes, my friendship does matter. I, do matter.

To someone, at least.

And maybe it's time to cut off those who take me forgranted. Unless I have such fortitude to be that great a friend.

I am only human, after all.

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