Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Book Review : Time Traveler's Wife

I took the LRT to work and back home today due to a mishap that landed my poor Edward at the mechanic's. Seriously, I rather brave through KL jam everyday with asshole divers on the road THAN be squished with a gazillion dodgy people on the LRT with butts and hands pressed up against places it should never be at.

Thank God that Audrey Niffenegger's Time Traveller's Wife accompanied me on my mundane journey home and brought a smile to my face when I read this part...

Clare is not happy with this. "Sister Carmelita says animals don't have souls."

"Of course animals have souls. Where did she get that idea?"

"She said the Pope says."

"The Pope's an old meanie. Animals have much nicer souls than we do. They never tell lies or blow anybody up."

"They eat each other."

"Well, they have to eat each other; they can't go to Dairy Queen and get a large vanilla cone with sprinkles, can they?"

"They could eat grass."

"So could we, but we don't. We eat hamburgers."


kenwooi said...

i watched the movie, find the storyline a little weird.. never read the book tho =)

goingkookies said...

why weird? sth diff for a change ma.. did u like it? the book's interesting.. and more details