Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I love Yoo @ Mid Valley

Just last Saturday, I followed my brother around town whilst he did his job. Hence, if you had followed my plurk, you would see me plurking from Mt. Kiara to Mid Valley and then, Puchong.

At Mid Valley, the humid weather got to us and I suggested to my brother that we headed to "I love YOO!" for some tau fu fa and soya bean. My ex-colleague, Mel introduced this shop to me several months ago. The shop is apparently famous for it's smooth tau fu fa taken together with yao char kuai.

I've only seen yao char kuai usually taken with kopi-o which is probably due to my mum's nyonya/Penang heritage. So, I was skeptical, at first, as to how yao char kuai and soya bean would taste together.

But after tasting it, I can't seem to get enough of it!

All 3 times that I've been to this shop, there is always a loooong que.

They also serve other fried stuff but pretty pricey. Almost double the price you can get from other smaller shops.

RM1.40 per piece as opposed to RM0.70 each that you can get in pasar malam or other night coffee shops.

Yao Char Kuai

Smooth Tau Fu Fa with brown sugar *slurp*

Iced Soya Bean

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