Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back off

Ok. I don't understand. If you do, please, enlighten me.

Is there glamour and fame in being the "other" woman?

In being the one that was cheating with the husband of another woman?

When Tiger Woods was caught with his pants downs (not literally), woman after woman stepped
upfront claiming that they were one of the many women he had clandestine affairs with.

Few years back, it was the David Beckham scandal with Rebecca that lead to many other women stepping into the limelight to "sell" their stories.

Now, with Singaporean's Jack Neo's recent publicised infidelity (note: I write infidelity as in singular.. not plural) with a 22 year old model. Several women are coming up and saying or rather hinting that he made advances towards them etc.

COME ON. It's not something to be proud of if a married man makes advances towards you. Sexually or not. Is there no shame in these women? Cos I definitely feel shame on their behalf.

Of course, I am not saying that I am sinless, blamelss, flawless and hence, have a right to judge.

But my point being, behind each of this fallen men is their wives. The one that is hurt with the knowledge that her husband has lied. Lying is one thing. But doing the no-no with another woman! Knowing that the husband has destroyed and desecrated the very meaning of their marriage. Not just that, the humiliation is bad enough but to be subjected to the public's scrutiny.

And with the public, at times, empathising with the cheating scumbag aka husband and putting some blame on the wife. In whatever circumstances surrounding the husband cheating...!

No excuses whatsoever.

None at all.

So, shameless women out there.. PLEASE leave the poor wife alone and give her space to breathe, grief and recoup.

Don't forget that if you believe in karma.. it can be a bitch. And one day, it could possibly be you... being the scorned one instead.


kenwooi said...

it's all about the money.. =)

goingkookies said...

that and "fame"