Sunday, March 14, 2010

Asshole driver

Ever since I started working in KL in January, every-single-day, I have to endure the stupid jams going to KL and out of KL. And the very reason or the ONLY reason for these jams are due to the MANY rude, inconsiderate, ASSHOLE drivers on the road!

I have blogged about ASSHOLE DRIVERS before and I really wished something can be done about it. Are Malaysians brought up from infancy to have NO manners at all? Is it so hard to drive properly? To use one's signals? To give way to people?

I really don't understand and I truly wonder how people can bear driving to and fro KL amidst the absurd jam and for years. Going through this everyday is just taking a toll on my already limited patience.

Last Thursday, on my way home along Jalan Mahameru (if I am not mistaken) heading towards Jalan Duta, I could see from my side mirror, this one particular ASSHOLE DRIVER who squeezed his way in and drove past me!

ASSHOLE DRIVER in the grey persona.

Anyone knows this dude?

You see the lane with the white lines on the floor??
That's where the ASSHOLE DRIVER squeezed in from.

I bet you, he pissed off A LOT of people. He's was the ULTIMATE lane cutting I have ever seen. That is why, I just had to whip out my camera and snap a picture of his car. No offense meant but it was a tiring day for me and driving home... to encounter this kind of people, it's just too much.

This single lane is notorious for people cutting in and making it to two lanes. Two lanes is bad enough. But NO... this doesn't stop ASSHOLE DRIVERS from cutting in and making a third lane at times!

If you want to cut in, fine. But don't be stupid and squeeze all the way to the front. Other people have been in the lane, queuing PATIENTLY for what seems like a billions years and after a hard days work.. they don't need more shit to end their day with.

So, MALAYSIANS... do try to be more considerate to your fellow Malaysian drivers on the road.

Remember.. DO...
1) Drive in your designated lane.
2) Put your signal at least 5-10 seconds in advance before switching lanes.
3) Give way to people who put their signals.
4) Don't take your sweet turtle time when NICE people actually do give way to you to switch to their lanes!
5) Remember to show your gratitude or signs of appreciation with a wave when people slow down for you, let you switch to their lanes or made way for you.

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Victor Tan said...

society is sick

goingkookies said...

but it can be improved if people see the need to

Khairul said...

agree with u.. the strange thing is, when these people goes oversea, they drive like saints... :)

goingkookies said...

khairul: do they?? doubt it right