Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Time is of essence

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Being in the land of the Roos and Koalas for the past three months, I seem to lose my sense of time. Days passes by and I get mixed up if the day is Saturday when it actually is Wednesday. I think this is mainly contributed to the fact that I stay home most days, all day long with me, myself and I. I don't go to work. I don't really interact much with people. Have intellectual, mind stimulating conversations.

Since I got back, I have been out catching up with friends especially those that needs a listening ear and spending time with my family. Before I left, I was more inclined to go out at night to forget about my worries and troubles. Ever since coming back, I actually feel tired going out and would rather just stay home with my lappie, or watch movie or read a book. But a friend got to do what a friend has got to do. I guess in a way, I am at that state where I am happy and free from depression and sad thoughts.

During the day, I dedicate it to my mother- running errands and whatever else she requires of me. Nights are left specially for friends. On my second week back, I was out every night! Had yam cha with my cousin and then went Sing K til 4am with Miss J. Met another friend another night and gave a mini informal accounting lesson. Next night, went to Bad Ass with yet another friend for a pouring of hearts girly session.

Despite how exhausted I was, I kept going on. That's just how I am. I go the extra mile for friends no matter what.

Time is short. This trip back, I told myself that family comes first. I plan to spend more time with them before Mr. C gets back. In between, I'll catch up with whoever who wishes to meet me and for those that don't initiate or bother, guess I don't matter. No big deal. There are enough to fill up my time and I will have more time for those who do bother and care. =)

When something or someone is always by your side, you tend to take it forgranted. People only realises their lost when they no longer are in possession of that very thing. It's sad but a fact of life. Hence, I do try to appreciate those around me and especially my parents and siblings. With my going 8 hours away from home for long term, I have to appreciate them as much as I can now and not wait for any untoward incidents to happen to only regret. By then, it'll be too late.

So, make sure you take the time and effort to hug your parents daily. To say, "I love you". To mend any broken bridges between you and your siblings for you seriously can never predict what the future has in store.

Show people you love that you care.


vialentino said...

firstly...i am very sorry for my late reply and my late dissapearance as i am away for my holiday and tied up with my work.

yeah...time is important...which it is more than 24 hrs a day...hehehe...

goingkookies said...

it's alright...

haha 24 hours also NOT enough!! =)