Monday, September 6, 2010

It's all about skin colour

And this is what I had to say in response to his post.

I, too have been reading the news and what he's blogged about. When I read crap like that and the obvious favour on a certain race, it irks me. It makes my blood boil. It brings out racist sentiment towards a certain race.

Most importantly, it makes me feel sad to be a Malaysian. Why? Because my NEGARA ASAL (Malay words for Original Country) is Malaysia and even if I were to obtain Australia PR in the future, Malaysia will always be my home-my country.

When I was in Brisbane, despite all that it has to offer, I missed Malaysia. Even it's corruption and pollution but definitely NOT the loony, psychotic drivers.

And who is our government- the ministers in Malaysia kidding when they ask why there's a brain drain?? It's rather obvious that the rest of the rakyat (Malay word for citizens). The people are not fools and choose to leave due to all this nonsensical happenings and leadership which has potential to make Malaysia go backwards instead of propelling the country towards being a developed country.

No country is perfect. Each country is inhabited by humans and we all know that- to err is human. There will always be racism everywhere we go. In Australia, I've heard countless stories retold by my ex-colleagues and come to think of it, it mostly happens to guys. However, at times, I think some cases are just more of pranks then an act of racism towards Asians.

When I was walking to Carindale mall once, this Aussie teenager was saying "Ni hao ma" (Mandarin for How are you) from afar and I wanted to retort back that I can speak fluent English but decided to just let it slide. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I was chicken or that I couldn't hold my own. I just didn't want to start anything that was unnecessary.

As he walked past me, he shouted "AAAAHHHHHH" at me to my face. Well, I could take it that he was being racist, targeting me but all I thought at that point of time that he was just being silly and ridiculous. I laughed him off and continued my walk without stopping.

Who is to know that if it was an Aussie girl walking past that he wouldn't have done the same? Or perhaps an old lady or some young kid?

And even if it was an act of racism, my case and the guy in Malaysia getting bashed on the eve of this year's Malaysia's Independence day has a huge difference- I came out unscathed, the most, perhaps with my ears ringing.

The poor guy that got bashed had to have stitches and probably post-bashing pains.


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