Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy bee

Many have blogged about Mid Autumn Festival but not me. All I did for the day- went for a wedding registration- not mine, in case you were wondering, had lunch with the Mothership whilst Mr. C had lunch with my dad and brother and everyone say, "Awwwww" and then the rest of the afternoon was spent at Puchong cleaning his brother's house. Definitely tiring. We played Monopoly Deal as the Reliance people came to fix the shower screen at their turtle pace.

By the time we got back to Mr. C's house, it was close to 8pm. Had a super filling dinner- banana leaf rice at Old Town with his dad. Hang out with his brother for a bit and headed out to meet his friends at the park nearby. Just chatting and chilling. But I felt icky and sticky as I did not have my bath with no extra change of clothes.

That's just a summary of my busy but free of work stress life. You would think that I'll be well rested with lots of time at hand but you thought wrong. From the moment I wake up till I sleep, if it's not time spent with Mr. C, it's his family, or mine or his friends or mine. And for him, it's easier to meet his friends as they're of the same group. They all grew up together since primary school. Where else I have one or two friends from different groups such as high school, college, university and work. It's really tiring to meet anyone and everyone on top of spending it with my family.

Kinda miffed at a friend who up to now has NOT initiated meeting up with me and at another who didn't tell me he was planning to propose to his girlfriend and that just proves my point once again that GUYS SUCKS! I was kinda hurt about it but I guess there really is no point on holding on to something that very well isn't much. Unfortunately, that's a part of me that is hard to change- caring about people, a lot!

Since I got back, it's been crazy hectic. I have many posts in draft waiting to be completed. I've been to Singapore to meet ex-colleagues like Lyn, Hying, Camz and plurk brother, Genting Highlands with the Sues, family time at Clearwater Sanctuary in Perak where they filmed "Anna and the king" starring Chow Yun Fatt and Jodie Foster, Cameron Highlands and a get-away-from-the-parents trip to Redang.

I have had my sing K fix with MsJuice til 4am, watched movie on Wednesday with Loon, Dick and Haseo proceeded by Frog Porridge, met up with the plurkers, driven up and down Genting twice, met my childhood friend, had a brief accounting session with someone, attended two courses just to obtain my CPD hours, had a farewell dinner by the Redang gang, was treated to Tao buffet at Sunway Giza and the list goes on.

Overall, this trip back has been great but at the same time, I can't wait to go back to Brisbane to get started on my plans. Plans for my future. This time, I tell myself, no more procrastination. It's time to take the bull by it's horn and charge on.

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