Thursday, September 9, 2010

Past, Present and Phuture

Sometimes we get so caught up
in the past- in our past
we forget to appreciate whatever that is before us
even if it is right smack in our faces.

Take a hard look at yourself
Evaluate those that surround you
Friends and family
who you love and loves you back.

I looked up to you in my past
and you were my world
but time passes and with time, hurt and disappointments
you have changed and so have I.

You've always had a knack
for saying hurtful stuff
sometimes, you may say it to protect yourself
but for all that you've done, I thank you.

You make me want to slap you in the past
but we learn to understand each other better
I wish you would step up and do what you have to do
Irregardless, I still love you.

I don't hate you and I never will.
But a turtle you still seem to be
You are so much more than you let yourself be
and you need to fight for something that is definitely worth it.

The good you is stuck in my past
The shit you is definitely not in my present
I thought we were more than friends
but at the way things are- I am more and you are less.

You were my playmate in my past
I liked you and I envied you
your intelligence, your business mindedness
I am glad that we met and you're still my friend.

I used to regret you in my past
hoping that I could turn back time
but now you're my present
and I think, my future.

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