Friday, September 24, 2010

Kooky Pics #328 Turtle Eggs

Turtle eggs- RM25 for 5 eggs.
In Terengganu market (approximately 5 hours drive from KL) near Shahbander Jetty.

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Kelvin said...

U mean those eggs are for food?

KCY said...

hurh!!! Terrible!!!!! The poor turtles!

Hui Ni said...

OMG i cannot belive that they sell turtle eggs!!! cries .. they should be protecteD!

goingkookies said...

Kelvin: yup... the turtle eggs are caught n sold at the market illegally for anyone who is interested to buy- to be consumed or as the buyer sees fit.

kcy: yeah.. that's why we don't get to see much turtles come to shore these days..

huini: they're supposed to be protected.. it's ILLEGAL.. that being said.. this is Malaysia... so..