Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The simplest things

With all the hustle and bustle and the complications in our lives today, we tend to take things and people forgranted. Either that or the fact that our schedules are so packed with work, gym and other distractions that we never seem to have the time to just sit back, reflect and chill.

For everything, there should be a timeout. And all of us definitely need a time out. A time out to appreciate the simplest things and the smallest things.

Such as what you may ask?

Well, perhaps words of encouragement from a fellow colleague or the nice driver that stopped or slowed down for you to switch to his or her lane. How about the lengchai (cantonese for cute guy) in office who helped to clear your laptop from all the unnecessary junk and the list goes on.

For me, today, I definitely appreciate the fact that I no longer am in audit. If I had never resigned and left last October, I would be crying through yet another peak period. Definitely sobbing my eyes and heart out, working til the rooster crows!

Was smsing with an ex-colleague who was on the same job with me last year auditing a client next to PJ Hilton. This year, she's back on that same job and STILL working til the whee hours of the morning. In fact, according to her, they've been working even later, thanks to the crazy manager. No disrespect meant but sometimes, upper management can get a little out of hand with their absurd requests.

If I had stayed on, I wouldn't have had the opportunity today to go for my walk/ mini jog. For a person who NEVER exercises (playing badminton doesn't count! =p), even a 5 minute jog is an accomplishment ok!

I had a good walk and occasional jog from my current housing area to my old housing area (I just moved to the next Taman). I prefer the park there. Just walking past houses, seeing how each house is renovated and maintained. I had a good walk/run in the park though it was a little bit dark and yet, I felt safe. Or maybe I just don't value my life that much. =p Probably another contributing factor to why I love to speed when I drive.

I jogged past the swing and decided to give it a go. Feel the immense weight lifted as I swing myself up into the air, reaching for the sky. The breeze brushes against my skin. I feel a rush everytime I pushed myself up higher.

And that's when it hit me, I am glad I left audit. Things are definitely better for me. I am happier or rather was happier. Question is, am I back to square one? If so, I had better to do something about it... and soon.

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