Friday, January 8, 2010

HAPPY 2010 - Part 2

So, on new year's day, we woke up about noon and by the time we made our way to Penang Island, it was about 2-3 something in the evening. We parked the car along Gurney Drive and walked down to Gurney Hotel where Road House Grill is situated.

Dentist CM recommends the place if one is looking for a hearty meal and I concur to that!

"wait wait.... you must order this... it's really good!"

Entrance to the kitchen.

It was a little quiet as it was waaay past lunch hour and yet, too early for dinner.

Special drink of the day- Sparkling pineapple with grape.

Yeast bread- complimentary buns that was warm and soft.

CM's garlic bread.

My fettuccine carbonara- it was only average in taste and presentation was rather plain.
Santhini's, Pizza Uno's or even Vary Pasta's carbonara is waaaay scrumptious.

CM's black pepper chicken served with mashed potatoes and boiled cauliflower.

PB's yummy mixed grill- chicken breast, lamb and beef served with a fried egg, corn, humongous broccoli and mashed potatoes.

I preferred the beef and next, the lamb. The thin slices allowed for better tasting of it's succulent meat as opposed to the thicker, chunkier tasting chicken slab of meat.

After the hearty meal, we walked upwards towards Gurney Plaza. Along the way as we passed G Hotel, we dropped in to inquire on their room rate and let's just say, it's not for those on a budget!

CM and I were pretty impressed by the layout of the lobby. One of the snazziest looking lobbies we've ever seen. Definitely very modern concept.

They had an interesting but empty looking Christmas tree in the centre along with several designs of couch although they don't look very comfortable despite the posh look.

There was a bar or was it the souvenir shop next to the reception area. Soft, relaxing, I think jazzy music could be heard playing in the background.

See CM's looks of being impressed by the girl lobby or is it future customer??

After that, we continued on and reached our destination. Shops are pretty much the same as those in 1Utama or Mid Vally in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur.

There was a bridal fair going on in the centre court. As usual, couples flooding there to get the best possible packages. Wonder if offers are really that good or just jacked up.

BOYS will always be BOYS.

We went and watch a movie after walking aimlessly for almost 2 hours. We were getting a little restless and bored by the time the movie was about to start. I actually fell asleep in the cinema. The two blurheads probably didn't notice me snoozing despite me, sitting in between them!

After movie, we went to Esplanade for dinner. The food was only average BUT if you're looking for a variety of hawker food at night, that's one of the main places to go. That's if you can even find parking.

We headed to Batu Feringghi's night market to buy dvds but I guess we were a tad late, as most of the dvd shops had "sao tong" (cantonese for close shop) for the day. Next up, we went to Sunset Bistro- my second time there.

My first time there was with CM the week before and I had this dodgy named cocktail called uncomfortable screw against the wall with a gentle kiss. Wonder how it even earned it's name. It was rather nice with orange as it's main taste. The skies were clear, the stars shining brightly and the tide was low.

However, second time there, the sky was cloudy, the place was crowded and the tide was high! We managed to secure a spot. And I bumped into my bf's Brisbane Uni mate there, of all places! He seemed a bit concerned for my welfare later on when he dropped by to bid me goodbye as I played games with CM and PB.

They were trying to get me to finish my graveyard drink. I didn't really fancy the taste as it was more to the bitter side. At the end of it, I was still sober but SUPER tired. Sober in the sense that I was fully aware of the happenings around me. However, I could feel my walk a tad not straight unless I walked with my hands up at arm level like a "keong si" (chinese ghost or is it zombie?).

Games aren't easy to win when one seems to always be the losing party and with both guys ganging up on me whilst they have their Corona and Tiger beer- girly drinks! It was an interesting ending to my night.
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foongpc said...

Wow! The food all look so delicious! Drooling....

I like that Christmas tree! Nice : )

goingkookies said...

thanks thanks!! it is yummy!! =)