Monday, January 18, 2010

DON'T WATCH or you'll regret!!

Just got back from watching "Paranormal Activity" at Tropicana City Mall.

Cast was unknown. Storyline was predictable and below par. The whole movie took place in the house or rather within the house compound ONLY.

Words of advise... DON'T WATCH IT!

If you don't heed my invaluable advise, trust me, you'll come out of the cinema feeling:

1) It was a stupid show.

either that or...

2) I just wasted the past one and a half hour of my time and life!

Losing that precious 90minutes which can never be revisited.Ever.Again. Precious time that could've been spent on something WAAAAYYY better. Maybe a yamcha session with friends. Or watching a good romance comedy movie even if it's cheesy, definitely can't be any worse off than Paranormal Activity.

It's basically a documentary of this couple whereby the girl, Katie has been haunted by a "demon" from young and her bf, "Micah" trying to find out more about it. Initially, he was goofing about for the first hour of the movie, taunting and jeering the "demon" to show himself.

This show will make you ask questions like, "Why didn't they just leave the freaking house?" or "Why did they have to ALWAYS stay in the room when there were elsewhere to go to??".

Guess it's cos the producers wanted to keep to the low budget of just filming at the house and not elsewhere.
Some people can be real dufus heads ie my friend. Even if I had told him that I read bad reviews about the movie, he'll still insist on watching it. Plus, he's a horror movie freak fan and even he said the movie DID.NOT.LIVED.UP.TO.HIS.EXPECTATIONS!SO, If you're pigheaded and still want to watch the movie, don't say you weren't forewarn!

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