Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HAPPY 2010 - Part 1

So, on the last day of 2009, PB and I headed up north in anticipation of a great new year's eve countdown. Let's just say, it wasn't as happening as I thought it would be. We reached in the evening and rested. But cause of the rest, we left the apartment late and had our dinner late in Perai.

CM, our host for our Penang road trip and allowing us to bunk over at his humble bachelor's pad crib.

The sumptious-to-die-for claypot chicken rice!

Our dinner was superb. The Claypot Chicken Rice was to die for. The serving is a bigger portion than those you get in PJ. It only costs RM3.80 with salted fish, chicken slices and topping it off with runny egg! It's just crazy. Even after giving some of my rice to PB, I was super F-U-L-L!

Initially, CM thought of bringing us to Gurney Drive on Penang Island itself but we figured that it would be crazy pack. Hence, after our dinner, we headed to Juru's Autocity where they apparently had awesome fireworks last countdown, according to CM. It's where the clubs, bistros and eateries are situated- the happening places.

We braved the looooong queue of cars heading to Juru and was a tad worried that we would be celebrating our countdown into 2010 in the car!! Every 15minutes, I would be saying, "40minutes left...", "35minutes left..." and finally, CM, who was getting a tad frustrated became a more aggressive driver, determined to get us there in time for countdown!

And we did! Somewhat.

Packed like a tin of sardines!

Some local chun celebrity performing.

We walked around the crowd to the back.

CM and PB wanted to go to the loo and as we were headed up to Tao's restroom, we heard people shouting 10, 9, 8, 7, 6... We hurriedly walked back out to the open area in time for HAPPY NEW YEAR cheer!

We waited and waited. But silence greeted us. Where were the fireworks??!

We basically missed the countdown built up as we arrived late with no vacant place to chill and with just the 3 of us, there wasn't much party feel.

Oh well.

We greeted each other Happy New Year and that was about it.

When suddenly...

Fireworks erupted.

Behold the bright, dazzling burst of fireworks.

After that, instead of heading to a club to chill. Not to say that I was looking for a boozing session. We headed somewhere in Prai to play pool. I was a little miffed with the guys. Let's just say, lesson learn, guys can be tenacious about their chick scoping to the expense of forgetting their gal pal. Tsk Tsk.

What a way to start my new year.

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Boon said...

Those claypots make me hungry.

Thanks for sharing. =P

goingkookies said...

haha.. no prob.. it's really good!!

so if u go to prai, penang.. check it out!!

kenwooi said...

i think the fireworks you saw is much better than the one i saw here in leeds =P

goingkookies said...

maybe overseas.. fireworks aren't a big thing as compared to msia??