Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A dream or A nightmare

I had a dream last night,
Don't ask what it was,
Cos I ain' telling.
It's not the first time though.

Which has got me thinking.
Really thinking.
Does dreams mean anything? Something?
Cos if it does, then I am in deep shit.

Why? Why does it keep plaguing me?
I am here. I've made my choice.
Right? So why can't I seem to let it go?
Cos I really wished I could.

Have you ever had that dream,
That dream where it felt real.
As if the dream was reality,
and reality was a dream.

Even if things had turned out differently,
Would I be able to let the other it go?
Cos it's not a matter of just throwing it aside,
And forgetting about it.

Only someone so cruel could do such a thing.
Goody two shoes, people used to call me.
But I am not a paragon of virtue,
and neither have I ever said I was or acted as one.

But neither am I cruel.
However, people change.
Seasons change,
and so do feelings.


ohmywtf said...

i had a dream 2 days ago tat i cried our so loud until i woke up and screamed....:-(

goingkookies said...

whoa.. that's intense.. wonder what that dream was about...?

Anonymous said...

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