Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tea time at Tea Pot Cafe

Before I left Malaysia, I was meeting up with friends over yam chas and dinners and even tea time! I have been to this shop only once but many years ago. Probably a decade or more and it's still there. The same as ever.

Gill and I decided to have afternoon tea at Teapot Cafe that is situated in SS2. It is along the famous road filled with bridal shops and teochew porridge.

Cute interior with all types and sizes of teapots around the shop.

Quite pack for afternoon tea.

But service needs some improving. Took us FOREVER to get a menu and to order our food, what more to say when we wanted to pay our bill!

Tuna Sandwich

A pair of Scones with cream and a Carrot Cake.

A pot of tea. You can choose which type you want.

We decided to have the set that cost about RM19ish if I am not wrong. It came with the above tuna sandwich, scones, cake and a pot of refillable tea. I would say it was worth the money we paid. Sandwich was good. Had the right amount of mayonnaise.

The cake and scone was warmed up. Simple yummy digging in even if one isn't hungry. We kept drinking one cup of tea after another and was stuffed by the end of our girly yam cha session. Definitely a good place to go for scones and sandwiches or other finger food and pastries.

If only we had more time for more girly outings before I had to leave. Then again, I'll be going back in a few months. So, heads up!!!

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jfook said...

Nice ambiance and nice food. Haha. But service needs to be improved. LOL

PeeWeet said...

Tea time! Good to be here...following your blog too

nebular said...

This will make me more thirsty...

ohmywtf said...

seriously i find services at high tea places always VERY SLOW...i guess they expect us to be really relax and chilled when we have tea, which is wrong! :-P

goingkookies said...

jfook: yup. agreed!

peeweet: thanks!

nebular: u mean the tea or?

ohmywtf: haha where else have u been for high tea? even hotels?