Friday, May 28, 2010

Hotcake House at Garden City

Last week, Mr. Bf (will be henceforth be known as Mr. C) and I decided to visit the Garden City Shopping Complex , Mt Gravatt which is about 15minutes drive away from where we live.

Although I have been to Brisbane several times, I have yet to step into this mall. After visiting the mall, I feel that it's pretty much about the same as Carindale Mall that is just across the road from where I am staying at- 5 minutes walk.

All the shops in Garden City ie JayJays, Rubi, Easyway and etc., I can get in Carindale Mall. So, it's nothing much to shout about. Well, except for several shops and one of them being Hotcake House.

Basically, this shop is pretty simple and basic. They specialise in hot cakes- a Taiwanese sweet delicacy and other Taiwanese food and Japanese style pancakes which are savoury.

Being a sweet tooth, I opted to try the Custard flavour hotcake and boy, it was YUMMY!! Ever the adventurous one, Mr. C had the Sesame flavour and it wasn't as nice as mine. To prove my point, he even sneaked a few bites off mine! >_<Just nice for a little pick me up as t only costs AUD1 per piece!!
The hotcakes at the bottom right looked like mini burgers.

So, the next time you see any Hotcake House, don't forget to grab a piece of hotcake for yourself! If you prefer savoury over sweet, you can always give the cheese flavoured hotcake a try and let me know how it tastes!!

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