Saturday, May 15, 2010

Life in Brisbane and Dinner at Sunnybank

It's been a week since I reached Brissie. Time sure flies by pretty fast. I still feel homesick every once in awhile. Seems pathetic but I do tear every off and on, out of nowhere and for God-knows-whatever-reasons unfathomable to me.

Coming here for a holiday and being here somewhat permanently is definitely different. Especially as I have never studied here, hence, lacking in the friends department. Back home, I could just call up anyone and ask them out for "yamcha" (drinks) or movies. But over here, I only have the bf.

My Bf's Korean housemates are pretty friendly. They had a welcome Korean BBQ mini party for me last Saturday. It felt as if I am living in a Korean drama with no English subtitles as they're always speaking in Korean. With my limited Korean vocabulary, I can hardly catch what is being said. Then again, I lack common sense to put one and one together to make two. My bf on the other hand copes pretty well with stringing together what he thinks they're saying.

My Bf loves to show me off and asks me to read anything Korean which amuses his housemates to no end. Whenever my Bf can say anything in Korean such as being "full" after a meal, he would say "Bepuda" and they would go "ooooh" in amazement. Funny people.

The other funny thing is I just get so fascinated seeing the Aussies or the whites (non Asians) here. The ladies are tall and pretty, the guys are mostly rather buffed up and I just love to see their eyes- blue, grey, green. It really draws my attention to their face. But whenever I see Asians, I get all excited.

Just like last Sunday when my Bf brought me to Sunnybank, I was sooo happy to see so many Asians and better yet, no Malays (Ok. I am not exactly a racist despite certain comments I make but I am sure each race has a little inside jokes on the other race and this is just one case where we just joke about it but don't necessarily hate the other race FYI). Sunnybank is known for having a variety of reasonably priced Asian food.

We went to the one at Market Square Complex, if I am not mistaken. The shop is near Yuen's. Yuen's is a grocery shop where most Asians shop for certain things that you can't get at Coles, Woolworth's, Big W etc. (These are hypermarkets like Giant, Carrefour and Tesco).

I tell you, Mr. Bf was driving me crazy with his fickleness. One moment, he says- let's cook at home and have instant noodles or rice or... and the next thing, let's eat out. I was getting a little bit irritated as it was late and my tummy was growling.

After shopping, as we walked past this Chinese shop, we decided to have dinner there since the Bf said that he's been wanting to try the food there but never had anyone to go with and I didn't want to go home to have to cook and wait longer for my dinner!

We really need to work on our poses for our future wedding shots!

Mr. Bf's order- 2 main dish (spicy sliced pork and spicy egg plant) and 2 side dish.

This one's mine- sweet and sour pork rib.
We didn't order the set for mine but was surprised to see 2 side dish too!

There weren't many people in the shop though.

Other different sets.

The food was alright only. Average.

The spicy sliced pork and eggplant was good and the sauce was tasty but my sweet and sour pork ribs was rather bad for my taste. However, the Bf liked it. I would definitely try out other shops before coming back there though.

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