Friday, May 21, 2010

Movenpick Ice Cream at Southbank and I love you too!!

Before my arrival to Brisbane, Mr. Bf and his colleagues would hang out for dinner and movie on every alternate Wednesday nights. With my being here, nothing has changed as this new found tradition continues.

Only now, there is a new addition to the group... ME!! =)

So, on Wednesday evening, Mr. Bf and I grabbed a 200 bus from Carindale mall straight to Southbank. We met Tom and Vida at the Cineplex in Southbank itself which is just a 10 minute walk across the bridge a way from Brisbane City (unless you're a slow walker then it'll probably take you 15-20minutes).

We were somewhat indecisive as to where to go for dinner before the movie. One suggested Toscani's, another some Japanese fushion food but in the end, as most of us weren't too hungry, we settled for...

I wanted the Ice Coffee (I have this thing for Ice Coffee in Australia) seeing that I have yet to have any from the moment I reached Brisbane. However, Mr. Bf had other ideas.
He decided on the left picture- Waffles with 2 flavour ice cream.

The gazillion flavours available...

We tried Creme Brulee but it was a tad sweet hence, we decided to go for the Tiramisu and the coffee tasting ice cream below.

Droolworthy ice cream...

One thing about the cafes here in Brisbane, they usually have water whereby you can serve yourself for free. Back home in Malaysia, just a cup of water costs even at a Mamak shop!!

Tom and yummy waffle!!

Sigh.. it was worth the money.

Wished Movenpick would ask me to do a review and sample ALL their ice creams!! *sluuuurrp*
After filling our tummies, we headed for our movie. It is an Australian romantic comedy film about a 30 something year old man who is unable to say the 3 words or more like 4 words- "I love you, too" to his girlfriend even after 3 and half years of being together.

Obviously things fell apart.

We see him trying to woo her back and at the same time embark on a journey of self discovery and growing up with the help of a newly found friend, Charlie who is vertically challenged and his mate, Blake.

I would rate this movie a 7/10 for good content with a pinch of romance and a spice of humour.

After the movie, the four of us walked to the bus station to get our respective bus. But what is an outing without group picture!!

Tom and Vida are super friendly!!

Us, in the bus.
Mr. Bf's korean housemate was heating up some light snack for supper when we came back. I bet you can never guess what it was...


Looks like baby aliens!!

My bf made me try one! EEEWWWW....

It wasn't that bad. A little crunchy but smelt funny. I guess it was more the fact that I knew I was eating some worms that gave me the eeeewww feeling. But you should try it. Apparently, it's loaded with proteins.

And that was my Wednesday night news for you.
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::ienafazlyna:: said...

all the ice cream looks so menggoda lah..hahahaa

goingkookies said...

it is!!

even better than Baskin Robbins!!!

erwinator said...

looks disgusting... but I'd still dare myself to try atleast one. :-S

goingkookies said...

haha.. it isn't as bad as it looks actually =) apparently, koreans like to eat this..

MKL said...

Wow, that's really brave of you. I admire you. I think that would definitely be a challenge for me, but I'd love to try, haha. Maybe one day I can have this Korean snack :)

goingkookies said...

MKL: awww.. that's really nice of u to think so but after u get past how eeky it looks and taste it, u won't think that i m that brave after all.

seriously. it's not that ghastly.

it comes in a tin like sardines. if u ever see any korean convenience store, u can just say "ban de gi".