Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Brothers in my life

Each and everyone of the below men are different in age, personalities and values. Yet, they are like brothers to me for the exception of the first one who is actually my brother whereby we share the same dad and mum!

At times, they can be really caring and hilarious. But other times, they bring out the ugly side in me, making me murder them...

.... in my mind... over and over and over.

But then again, what's a brother-sister relationship without the angst and fights, right??!

Gentle in nature. Recluse like a hermit at times. Smart and witty but introverted with a funny thinking. Forever layaning my bimbotic questions and mannerisms. Many a times, drove me up the wall where all I want to do is clobber someone silly and many a times, brings a smile to my face with just some simple, silly phrase. Corny ones, too!

THis one is always there for me whenever I needed a listening ear or that time when he drove all the way to meet me half point at Macap or somewhere along to pass me my colleague's laptop whilst my colleague and I drove up from Johor Bahru.

Forever treating me meals to fatten me up despite my feeble attempts to lose my love handles! Ferrying me around in his red, hot Golf GTI Sport but never letting me take a spin at it. Hummppph!

Always poking fun at me and call it a bullshitting training session, trying to prepare-innnocent-and somewhat-naive-me for the sharks of the world. Me, the disciple that can never beat the master, being him, at bullshitting. Tsk Tsk.

Occasionally a gentlemen (like close to never) and other times, a jerk. Correction, most times a jerk. A lot I have learnt from you, mostly bad but also a little good.

Thanks for the memories. I think SAM year, 2005 and this past one year will be forever etched in my memory. I like it when we have deep, soul searching talks as opposed to your not-so-subtle bird watching activities. =p And I enjoy somewhat being dragged to car shops for an education on car matters and certain social gatherings where you try to widen my social network and skills.

Despite all that has happened and all that has not happened, strangely enough, you are still my bro and my buddy- movie buddy, sing k buddy and Genting buddy! So, stop being a jerk!! =p

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ohmywtf said...

wow...good for u many mans *cough in ur life :-P

goingkookies said...

haha.. wat r u implying?? =p

Classic NYer said...

What a sweet thing to say about your brothers... I wish I had that many friends, haha. I've got mostly a set of jackasses...

Oh, that's not true. My friends are sweet when they try. :-)

goingkookies said...

Classic NYer : Sorry for the late reply. Just saw your comment!!

Awww.. many jackasses around but beneath the surface.. there's a good man inside. LOL. Sometimes, hiding rather deep though.

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