Friday, August 6, 2010

Rain in my parade

I am finally home after months away in Brisbane! Woke up at 5.30am, had my wake-me-up shower, a cup of tea brewed by Mr. C and consumed some biscuits and drove to Coolongata Airport in Gold Coast for my ride home to Malaysia. We had to leave so early as Brisbane is about 1hour away from Gold Coast.

It wasn't a teary goodbye as how it used to be at the very beginning in 2006 and 2007. Perhaps, it's the knowledge that we'll be united once again pretty soon.

This is my international meal consisting of BBQ Smoke Chicken, steamed potatoes and beans. It isn't anything much to shout about but it satisfied my rumbling tummy. This plane ride was filled with families traveling together with their little tots and babies accompanied by lots of crying. Must be exhausting for the parents to cajole and distract their brood without getting any rest!

I was fortunate to have center aisle seats and ALL three seats to myself. However, I gather I would have been more comfortable with side, window seats. Oh well, there's always next time! I alternated between playing my net book till the battery ran out to reading and sleeping. Thank heavens I had my music to drown out the many wails of the disgruntled babies.

We reached earlier then expected at LCCT, Kuala Lumpur and I was out the gates with my bag by 3.15pm. I had to wait about 20 minutes before my "drivers" reached as I had previously informed them that I was scheduled to land at 3.10pm. Whilst waiting, blaring honks assaulted my ears making me cringe, craning my neck around, investigating the source of the ruckus.

Apparently, this old, white head uncle in a van was blocking the bus from making his way through. Being impatient, the bus man kept abusing our ears with his honk! It was definitely grating my nerves! If he reversed, then the old man could turn into the available empty spot that he was trying to get into, just that the current position of his van didn't leave him enough space to TURN into the lot. It was either that or drive another round!

And this got me bothered as I come to a realisation that I have been pampered with my months abroad in Queensland.

Why you may ask?

Firstly, their toilets are ALWAYS impeccably clean and DRY!! Well, except the ones at Sunnybank- an Asian area and we all know how that works out. Before I retrieved my luggage bag, I had to use the ladies' and as I was carrying a backpack and a hand carry, I naturally needed a dry floor to put my bag on. I had to hunt for several stalls as most were wet much to my annoyance.

And this reminded me back to Coolongatta airport where a stupid, ignorant, tudung wearing Malay lady cut my queue to hand her boarding pass to the flight attendant. However, I did not give her a piece of my mind as another flight attendant was free to assist me. If that was not the case, I would have told her off. Such mentality should be left in the jungle and not be brought to civilisation! Seriously.

With the rude bus man blaring his honks for all to hear, other vehicles behind joined him with trumpet sound-like honks causing many to turn their heads in curiosity to what the ruckus was all about. This definitely would NOT have happened in Australia mainly because people there are more considerate and civic minded. They would not be parked at the lane that has a sign saying, 'NO PARKING' and 'NO WAITING'.

That was the case today here in LCCT as there was no enforcement in place. To begin with, this is Malaysia where RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN. It's bad enough that you're NOT supposed to stop at the first lane but awesome Malaysians have to defy all sense of consideration and double park!! This is just plain ridiculous as it does not allow people like my parents to stop for me to load my bags into the car!

When I stepped out of the plane, the hot weather and humidity hit me with such force as opposed to the wondrous cooling, windy winter that I had just left behind in Brisbane. Followed by the toilet, psycho bus man and shitty drivers on the road- that should have been an omen of things to come.

It's hard to say that I am glad to be back when less than 24hours home, I am already disheartened by certain people and certain things. Things aren't exactly how I had hope of them to be. Lots of things haven't changed and that really saddens my heart. It reminds me once again why I had to leave in the very first place.

I just wished I knew why God let things be the way they are and what His reasons are. Frustratingly, I don't seem to be drawing any nearer to Him and sometimes, I know it shouldn't, but some people's actions really turns me off! Whatever it is, I still believe God is out there and that He is watching out over me. I cling to whatever tiny faith I have left as I see small doors opening since Mr. C and I started praying together recently.

I wish that I could do something about things but I guess, it's ALL in God's hands and in His time.

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MKL said...

Guess in Malaysia many things boleh ;) You'll need some time to adapt, but I guess eventually you will. Haven't you missed the food? At least that must be something to cheer you up :)

goingkookies said...

haha... I can't wait to dig in to ROTI CANAI.. ASAM LAKSA.. CHAR KOAY TEOW AND PROPER POPIAH!!!

Yup. It's a good reminder to be appreciative of the goodness of Aussieland.. they have their weakenesses too! =)

MKL said...

hehe.. yes. Which part of Malaysia are you from?

goingkookies said...

Petaling Jaya!!!

WHere are you now?

MKL said...

Oh, I see. I'm currently in Slovenia, Europe. In my home country :)

Asia News Girl said...

So my question is... How do you like the airplane food?

Asia News Girl

goingkookies said...

MKL: Ooooh.. I see I see.

Asia News Girl: Haha... Airasia's pretty averaged. My international meal smelled really good but I would only rate it a 3/5 in terms of taste.