Friday, August 13, 2010

What distance I'd go for my other half

I am typing this post in hopes of winning tickets from Nuffnang to watch this promising love story between Drew Barrymore and Justin Long- Going the Distance. Did I ever mentioned that I am a sucker for comedy AND romance movies??!! At the same time, I'll grab this opportunity to blog a whee bit more about Mr. C. =)

As per the title of this post, I won't lie and say that I'll do anything for my other half to the point that I'll get a boob job for him because if he is ever that stupid to ask for something retarded like that, I'll just break up with him. Guys like that- superficial jerks just don't deserve any girls. EVER.

However, knowing Mr. C, he would never ask that of me in a millions years. Have I ever mentioned how he really loves me for me? Yup, love handles and all my quirks included. Even my occasional idiosyncrasies! Hey, no judgment here. Everyone has some, just the degree of severity varies. =p
I can honestly say that there are many things that I have done for the bf that I usually won't and don't do. And if you actually know our 10 year story of being in a relationship together with each other, although I've committed my fair share of sins, most would say that I've had quite a fair bit to put up with.

Instead of boring you mindless with OUR super chiong hei (Cantonese for long winded) story , I'll try my best to shorten a novel-worthy story to a short one in point form. =)

Picture taken from HERE.

#1 - I wash my feet before I sleep. This is EVEN after I had my shower and head straight to the room. It may seem nothing but you see, Mr. C has this "wash feet" fetish where he'll wash his feet every night after he brushes his teeth right before he sleeps. It doesn't matter if he's had his bath just before that or what not. I used to get really cross at him over his OCDness (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and him, forcing me to wash mine too, citing that it'll lead to rheumatism in the long run but whilst living in Aussie with him, I, now indulge in this fetish of his just to make him happy.

At least he doesn't have THIS kind of food fetish. It'll be too bizarre.

Ok. Ok. That isn't exactly romantic. How does washing feet equate to romance right? Let's try another one.

#2A- I eat Kim Chi for him. Nothing romantic but for a person who detests Kim Chi, it's a big deal to torture oneself.

#2B- Not good enough??! I ate silkworm for Mr. C just because he wanted me to try it. Try topping that! Hah!

I really ate it. Read about it over HERE.

#3- I love to give him surprises! Before I came back from my Brissie trip, I hid 11 envelopes representing the 11 days we're apart, from the day I leave leading up to his birthday. In each envelope hides a note and mini surprises from money to be spent on his likes ie. Poker Magazine or Slurpee to sour colas and chocolates and the last envelope- clues to find his birthday present!

Pardon the cakar ayam (Malay words literally meaning chicken scratches- horrid penmanship).

Check back on 15th August 2010 to see where I hid his present!!

#4- I'll be moving to Australia for him. He has decided to live in Australia ever since he graduated and even before that despite his childhood friends in Malaysia missing him. Most people would love such an opportunity and I do try not to whinge about it but you have to bear in mind, my family and friends are here, in good 'ol corrupted Malaysia. I don't have any of my own friends in Brisbane. It is a big sacrifice when you see the overall picture.

#5- Many years of relationship and LDR (long distance relationship) to boot!
If the above points aren't good enough, my story is a bit similar to the movie. I was skeptical about LDR since high school years and remembered telling Mr. C that if he ever went overseas, I would break up with him. Out of my 10 year relationship with Mr. C, four years were long distance. It involved many long conversations through phone, unstable MSN video chats and Skype to exchanges of letters, cards and gifts in boxes!

Him and I, during my 16th birthday, 10 years ago.

I forked out hundreds to thousands of ringgit every year for the past four years for phone calls to sending him goodies to visiting him just so that we were never apart for too long. It helped that he flew back several times, too. You can refer to my archives around June/July/October yearly when I make my trip to the land down under. The longest time we were apart were 9 months. It was never easy. Nothing ever is.

Fiery and countless arguments caused by distance and because of distance were never easy to defuse. Each making certain wrong decisions resulting in the other experiencing hurt and anguish. I don't know how we managed to survive it but somehow, we did. It was long and tough and definitely not peachy, that's for sure.
Despite our conflicting personalities, family values- mainly our differences coupled by chats/arguments at crazy hours for absurd length and accompanied by our 'give and take's, we went "our distance". We went our distance and despite it all, our feelings are still as they were 10 years ago.
And that is just a summary of the distance that we've gone through together and with each other- the distance I went through for him and will keep going for him come the fateful day I finally say, "I do".
The day I pledge my forever to him.


Fumoffu said...

I have to agree with what you'd said. I wasn't caring and thoughtful enough. That's why I neglected my ex-bf who is struggling in Brisbane. Tomorrow is his birthday and I did think of giving him a surprise by flying over but what stand do I have to do that? He no longer wants to keep in touch with me and I think he has found an interest in a girl. Who am I to blame but me? I had made his life crumbling apart 10 months ago. Now it's my turn to get up too..

goingkookies said...

Oh poor dear...

I ve also had my fair share of hurts and am also guilty of hurting him. But whatever it is relationships are a two way thing.

The only thing that can be done is to learn from one's mistakes and move on. See it as- if things didn't work out, it's not meant to be.

You'll just be the better person or the best that you can be in your next relationship. Someone will come along your path eventually, it's how much of you that you want to give...

Hugs. CALL is you're ever in PJ area ya.. meet up!! =)