Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scumbags of the world

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Have you ever felt that some friendships are perhaps, just not meant to be?? That if you had a chance, a choice to turn back time, you would opt to never know that person?? That no matter how much effort you put into it, no matter how much you tell yourself that you're being a true friend and that's what a real friend would do- not giving up and just hoping that the friendship and effort put into it will be appreciated? Noticed? Reciprocated?

Well, that's how I feel tonight.

All I can say is to this friend that I hope you do appreciate your true and real friends. Because real friends are hard to come by. And despite all that has happened, I still regard you as my friend, my brother. But you make it so hard. So hard for me to continue being your friend. Tonight, you make me regret ever knowing you, ever meeting your acquaintance. For all the memories that are now just bittersweet. I doubt you really care.

And the rest of you who call yourself my friends but take me for granted, there is only so much a person can take. It's easy to just let go and move on. I tell that to myself everyday- to let go, but I find myself the kind of person who just keep giving second chances. Trying to understand why 'you all' make the choices that you do, say things to me that you don't mean such as 'keeping in touch with me', 'meeting up with me' but never did kept to them when all I wanted was just your friendship. To be able to be there for you.

Call me a sucker, whatever. That's just me. But one day, when I truly do let go, you would have lost a good friend in me. A friend who would really go the extra mile for you. And if I haven't been a true friend to you, do forgive me and please tell me, so that I can be one.

Then again, maybe you guys have many other friends in your life that you can forgo the one in me. Then, I guess, it's just my loss. My stupidity in thinking that I mean something when I clearly don't. Friends come and go. There are 6 billion people out there in the world and I am sure many are needing a friend right now. If I can't be a friend to you, then I'll just be a friend to another. That's what I keep saying though.

Life goes on.

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