Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dinner date at Murni Discovery

Tuesday night, I had a date with my sister. We were initially looking for Betty's, some Western serving restaurant at Aman Suria where I heard the food was good. However, after rounding several times and NOT finding the place, we made our way to Murni Discovery.

For those who are still clueless about this place, here's some info about this place. If one has been about Petaling Jaya or has friends from this area, one would definitely have heard about Murni's mamak at SS2 and dined at this place.

Murni Discovery is a branch but has better sitting arrangements and ambiance that's for sure. Hopefully, hygiene and cleanliness is better too.

I had my regular teh ais (cold English tea with milk) whilst my sister had her must-have 'I love you' drink. It's Ribena with sprite, dashes of lemon with longan and nata de coco. However, lychee replaced the longan that evening. It costs about RM6++ but worth a try!

We opted for "Scrambled" roti instead of the usual Roti Hawaii as my sister don't fancy pineapple. However, I still think Roti Hawaii tastes better. If you don't like pineapples, just remove it.

This is one of Murni's jiu pai (Cantonese way of saying famous dish)- Mee Raja (Raja meaning king in Malay). I decided to give the Tom Yam flavour a try. It was only average to me. The noodle was not too soggy soft nor too dry-ish hard but somehow, the taste did not appeal to my senses and did not leave an impression in my mind. Next time, I'll just stick to my Carbonara.

My sister and I are trying to make Tuesdays our date night/chill out session together whilst I am back. This coming Tuesday, she's busy. Hence,
stay tune for the following Tuesday's dinner date plans.

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Kathlynn said...

i love their nasi goreng meletup (or was it berapi?) spicy like mad. but i heart! :)

goingkookies said...

oooh..really?? ok ok.. will try that next time!! =)

v a m p i r e said...

i never heard of nasi goreng meletup before , must try it next time

i love Murni but the crowd is super crazy !

haha i love watermelon lychee special yummmmmm ahhh i crave for the nata de coco now

goingkookies said...

@vampire : have u tried the Murni at Aman Suria? Easier to find parking compared to the SS2 one..