Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girly Genting escapades Part 1

Two years ago, three girls sat down at a shop after a meal and decided to go somewhere for a trip. Seeing that everyone had tight schedules, Genting Highlands, that is nearest to us in Petaling Jaya was the safest and easiest choice. However, the trip did not materialise.

Two years later... last weekend, we three crazy girls finally did it!

We made it!!!

Despite my infamous reputation- penchant for speeding, I was the designated driver. I didn't find it very tough driving up as I've done it many times and even drove back at 6 in the morning several times! The only worry I had were the two other lives I was responsible for, hence, my safer driving style.

Bestie in Form 1 who inspired my artsy creative side.

I left home at 9am to fetch Wen followed by Ngee and we detoured to Curve's McDonald's for breakfast. We finally made it up to Genting Highlands about 1ish pm after a certain girl was distracted but if we had not detoured, I wouldn't have been able to meet my long sought after gladiator heels from Element!

This two never go casino nor had the intention to gamble but went to temple to pray... ???

After checking into our hotel and depositing our bags in the room, we ventured out for a walk and took lots of pictures. I seem to have taken more pictures in my one day trip with the Sues as opposed to my four day trip down south.

We were neither here nor there about 3something in the evening and headed to Bakery that is opposite Coffee Terrace. The presentation of the pastries were appealing and attractive that I just had to take shots after shots of them.

The Sues- high school friend and the other, primary school mate!

We came into the shop, walked around, took pictures and left.

Sinful and delightful.

This seems to be my favourite picture composition- stalking people from the back! =p

We seem to see lots of things in threes- Ngee, Wen and Me!!

This trip was for the two of them to chill and have a break from the rat race and the daily work pressures and stress. Me, it was to hang out with my two chums. We aren't exactly the best of friends whereby we meet up every day or every week but we're definitely great chums. We talked as we walked from First World to the casino nearer to Resorts World to Bakery to Highland Hotel's lobby to Starbucks. There were just so much to catch up and all in a day as we were headed back home to Petaling Jaya the following day- Sunday.

Besides chatting and in between hopping from one venue to another, we made time to capture memories into photos. Even silly ones. I told them, for this trip, we definitely have to take LOTS of pictures to remind us about this two years overdue trip and the times we had together. After all, it's our FIRST trip away from home together and hopefully it won't be our last and ONLY trip.

We aren't exactly the camwhore kind of girls that constantly takes pictures of themselves but I would say we took a rather neat bunch of decent pictures that is going to last us a life time!

Yet another silly pose by me whilst waiting for Wen.

Me, being a cheeky photographer, attempting to magnify Ngee's legs in the shot.

Then we headed back to the Bakery that is situated opposite the Coffee Terrace. It was decided that well give it ago. How could we not what with the superb presentation of sweets and savory.

Not the soul sisters but the Sue Sisters!

Ngee's quiche.

My chicken mushroom pie.

The food looked really good but was only mediocre in taste much to our disappointment.

Next, we headed to Starbucks for coffee, tea and more girly chats! All we did that day was talk., talk and TALK! We talked about my life. Talked about Wen's life. Talked about Ngee's life. It was definitely NO judgment day aka confession time! And I was the one who started the ball rolling.

I really enjoyed taking all sorts of pictures and playing around with different angles. Wen would constantly be a teensy weensy bit annoyed with Ngee and I as we fool around taking pictures after pictures. Both of us are into photography, her, being more of a pro than me. =p

Always wondered what happened between us in Form two that we drifted apart. I was always in awe of her. Her creativity. Her ability to draw a picture of a bird and finished painting it beautifully. I, on the other hand lack any artistic talents contrary to my family's belief and can only draw stickmen. Perish the thought of even painting anything!

A side shot by Ngee. Gosh. I am not official sporting a tiny double chin. *faint* Been putting on weight steadily three months ago. I told Mr. C that I'll lose some weight before he gets back. Instead of losing the measly weight, I gained 1 kg last weekend. *double faint* Now, all I hope is that I, at least maintain my current weight, if not lose any BUT not put on anymore weight.

We were so into picture taking that we even took pictures IN the toilet! You got to understand that we, three aren't exactly the kind of girls who always snaps pictures of ourselves. We're the kind that snap pictures of objects or other people.

But like I say, a photo is a memory captured that lasts forever.

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