Monday, August 9, 2010

The new me

I have always had this phobia about having a hair cut because EVERY TIME I go for a hair cut, it ends in some kind of hair style disaster. Since 2006, it has always been the fringe disaster.

Let's look back at the slight variations of hairstyle that I had. None too drastic though, I must say.

Mei- En and I in 2006- her first visit to Malaysia from Melbourne

I had to pin it up after the hairstylist gave me rather ugly fringe. Come on, I am not pretty to begin with but to butcher my looks further by handicapping me with ugly fringe??!!! That's just plain ridiculous. =p

Us again in July 2007 at Melbourne

In 2007, whilst I made a trip to Brisbane to visit Mr. C, he and I made our way to Melbourne for a week to meet up with Sally, Mei-En and my uncle and his family. Before my Aussie trip, I had my hair curled. If you know me, you would know that I am not one to follow with the latest styles and fashion but as I was rather bored of my somewhat straight hair with some waves, I opt for a perm. It was a tad too curly and it didn't look as nice as some people's as I possessed rather thick hair.

Still 2007 but in September, I had a trim and decided to have my hair straightened just for the day and it looked pretty decent actually. However, it would cost several hundreds to straighten my hair. Seeing that I had only just permed it several months back, I left it as it is but had highlights done.

October 2007 in Brisbane for my CPA exams and of course, hanging out with Mr. C and NiNi. Then, my curls have already straighten somewhat and gave me a sweeter look.

July 2008 with Mr. C at Eagle Pier, Brisbane CBD. By then, after countless hair trims, it signify the end of my curls and back to my naturally straight and somewhat wavy hair.

With my SAM 2002 classmates at Bangsar. end 2009. Had to pin up my hair again due to disastrous haircut yet again in November as seen below.

Ok. Girls normally post flattering pictures of themselves and that's probably one way to get more traffic to their blogs but that's just not me. =p I don't look hideous in the pictures but I look retarded instead.

Mr. C and I in November 2009 at Genting Highlands when Mr. C surprised me for my 25th birthday- by flying back from Brisbane. That was one surprise that I definitely didn't foresee.

My cousins and I at Penang, December 2009. That was one awesome trip, going to Singapore and Penang. It was nice to be able to spend time with family. However, as you can see, I still had to pin up my fringe whilst waiting for it to grow.

At LCCT in December 2009, saying farewell to my uncle, aunt and cousin.

A skinnier me in April 2009 before I left for Aussie and before I ballooned up with extra 4kg to my weight!

When I first arrived in Brisbane.

After close to three months in Brisbane, naturally my hair has been having a life of it's own. Growing and stretching till it looked like a messy jungle. Three weeks back, I finally went for a hair cut at Runcorn, recommended by my aunt. Despite my trepidation about haircut, I decided to give it a go and hope that perhaps, Australian hairstylist might have better skills.
This is me BEFORE my hair cut.

And me AFTER my haircut. I told the Asian hairstylist that I didn't want my hairline at the top of my head to be so obvious and he ended up giving me a fringe. And once again, I was given bangs. I don't look chun (slang for hot babe) but at least, the cut looks better than the one I had in November 2009.

It made me look younger and I have people exclaiming that I look even more a Korean now than before. *faint* The Asian hairstylist charged AUD19 for the cut and said I look cute with this new hairstyle. *another faint* My aunt and cousin kept saying how much they like this new style on me over my previous one. So, I decided to give it a go instead of pinning it up.

And I must say, at times, I like it. Since back to Malaysia, I've had two to three pimples popping up at my upper forehead. I just have to pin it up as it is TOO hot to leave it down.

Don't know why I can't get nice haircuts that other girls seem to have. Despite my disastrous fringe throughout the years, it is still the NEW me look. I feel like the cat in the watermelon helmet picture. =)

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