Friday, November 12, 2010

Bad news

When one door closes, another opens. I really hope that's true because we're yet in another stormy sea and somehow, just somehow, we will make it through. That's all I can think and hope and pray. It's really ironic though when one of my prayers were answered just on Monday night and several days later, another doubt is thrown smack in my face. It's just obstacles after obstacles and I need a break. A reprieve.

It's actually bad news for Mr. C which indirectly is bad news for me because whatever that affects him, affects me. It's that simple.

Allied Brands who bought over Villa and Hut where Mr. C used to work have gone into administration since the end of October 2010. From it's CEO getting sacked in June 2010, to NOT paying it's super to their staff and the investigation into a breach of immigration laws to their license for Baskin Robbins being revoked, the Company has been facing a series of unfortunate events, devastating like a tidal wave. Read HERE for more news and info.

What I don't understand is how things got this far. What was the management of the Company doing all these while? A company, especially a big, public one like Allied Brand with Baskin Robbins and Krisyp Kreme under it's wing doesn't just go bust in a day nor in a year. Things like that definitely is a built up of mismanagement for over years or just plain hanky panky going on and even then...

Where were the directors that owed a fiduciary duty to the Company, to the shareholders? Most importantly, why was nothing picked up by their internal and external auditors? Where did it all fail and who is to be blame? In cases like this, everyone loves to point finger at everyone else.

Does anyone gives a fig what happens to the lives that are affected when shops are closed due to all the hanky panky and mismanagement of the Company?

Because on Wednesday around 3pm, whilst Mr. C was working, the Administrator for Allied Brand came to Villa and Hut at Carindale and nonchalantly informed those who were working at that moment that the shop is shutting and effectively, they were out of their job. They will be paid for their work but just not that day. Gee. Thank you very much.

If the Administrator did not plan to pay the wages of the staff for that day, they should have come in early in the morning at 9am, at least to inform people. How fair is it that you have workers working an honest living and for something that is not their fault, they don't get paid?

It's just ridiculous. Guess, Mr. C will have to pimp himself out for some cash so that we can weather this storm.

As if. =p

So now, we're living on crackers and water until Mr. C finds another job. Nah. I am kidding. It's a bad situation to be in but we're not that broke, yet that we can't afford to eat decent meals. Hopefully, he gets a full time engineering job although he does need a casual job to tide us through the days.

I am learning to have faith (trust me, it's not easy) and believing that He will be looking out for us.



Kathlynn said...

there's definately a door opening somewhere somehow! have faith & keep prayin together (prayer actually bonds a couple alot alot)

goingkookies said...

Thanks Kathlynn! Yeah, we're trying to do it daily but sometimes, it slips our mind...