Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Marriage planning- Yours vs Parents

When a guy proposes to a girl and she says "yes"... that's actually the easiest part.

Because when it comes to wedding planning, it doesn't just involve only the bride and the groom and what they want. But it also makes up of each side's parents wishes. And in my opinion, to every couple, there is usually one side that will provide the headaches- in my case, I thought it was mine.

Don't even start with the wedding planning, talking about the registration to counselling and to church wedding etc. As I've blogged previously HERE, Mr. C is a Catholic and I, a Protestant. See, if it was left to him and I to SOLELY decide, I just have to war with him to get my way.

BUT if my parents and his come into the picture, I have my work cut out for me and I foresee a multitude of headaches awaiting to assail my poor mental mind.

My father said to make a small wedding reception- just a table or two and be done with it. My mothers says not to marry in a Catholic Church and my father says he won't walk me down the aisle because his heart won't be able to take the stress. Plus, he doesn't want to give me away.

To me, meeting half point will be marrying in an Anglican Church or simply have a garden wedding. Case solved. But nope, I think my future-in-laws now want the wedding to be held in a Catholic church by their priest which isn't exactly something I don't feel ecstatic about.

If Mr. C was a super devout and faithful Catholic, I won't argue about following who to which church. Where he is now, it'll be the blind leading the blind.

So, boys and girls, when your time comes, when your Romeo/ Prince Charming pops the question, be happy. Take a deep breathe and remember what is in store for you- your parents and the in-laws!


Kathlynn said...

i so get what you mean, and not to scare you off, but there is more to come. like the chinese trads, the guest list, the food menu.

we tried to pls everyone that we ended up pleasin no one and bcame so upset over every lil thing.

but even tho we argued it out, i felt that these 'fights' makes us stronger, as we slowly merge from two individuals to one unit and work together.

pray bout it, end of the day, God already has a beautiful wedding planned out for you and if you rmbr that, the stress of the wedding will be less (not completely gone, but less!)

goingkookies said...

omg. we haven't even started that also i lazy to layan. headache about catholic church and protestant church =p

thank you kath for the heads up. hehe. i'll "try" to enjoy the process more. i guess it'll be easier if i was a more easy going, laid back person, ok with anything.. unfortunately, i am not. hehe

didnt read much angst on ur blog.. unless u kept it more personal =p

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