Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Emotional Kookie

Everyone my age is out working in the working world whilst I sit at home and type this.

I am not saying that I miss my working life so badly that I want to head right back into it. But every day in and every day out, constant thoughts about money and how we'll get by plagues me non-stop. The only thing I ever missed about my working life is the money that comes with it and the handful of friends made. Ooops. Making that two things.

Now, I just mope about wondering what is my destiny and reading novels after novels.

Although I woke up earlier today as compared to yesterday, I still feel like crap. Ever since I tendered my resignation from my audit firm a year back, I've had no trouble sleeping. The problem is, I, now have trouble waking up, right to this very day.

I feel blue. Perhaps, I should stop wearing blue to try rid this melancholy away. After reading Jude Deveraux's Return to Summerhouse, I felt better and walked home from the mall and back to my gloom.

I wanted to blog about something, anything and I feel like I have nothing or substance to blog about except this mindless ramblings. Well, it's just one of those days where one's emotions get the upper hand.

There are those who probably envy my so-called relaxed life but things are never as they seem. With no job, that means no money. And with no money means limitations.

I guess I just have to figure out how to pull myself out of the slumps and make the best I can with my situation. I just sometimes wished I had a friend here to hang out and chat with, other than Mr. C.


Kathlynn said...

suggest u go try out some volunteer work somewhere. flexible timing, keep urself occupied and best thing is, your contributin positively to society.

goingkookies said...

That's a thought... will think about it! =)