Sunday, November 21, 2010

WTH Saturday

Today is a day filled with WTH moments.

WTH#1 It was a Saturday and I had to dragged myself out of bed at 9am, chomp down last night's left over pizza and gulp my hot tea made by Mr. C then drive myself to Paddington for the day. Paddington is a different suburb about 25minutes from Carindale and is where my aunt lives.

In Australian standards, 25minutes away is considered far.

My aunt, a real estate agent was having an open house for interested potential buyers to come and scout out the unit of the apartment for sale. And I, was there to assist her seeing that I am free, somewhat.

She told me to reach her house at 10am and I was there a few minutes after. BUT she was still asleep in dreamland!!! That is WTH #2. Then, WTH #3 was when she was grabbing a bite to eat, she glanced at me and lamented that she should give me some of her blouses!

I was dressed in black office skirt and panty hose matched with a brownish blouse from Jay Jays (in the above picture which was taken two weeks ago), completed with my Prima Vera black, pointy, sleek heels.

And FYI, I may not be dressed to the nines nor to impress but I definitely was presentable. So, seriously, I was irked and first thought, "wth"!

If my aunt had good fashion sense, then, alright, I concede her point. But she has not really been dressing up either IMHO but I bet you that she thinks she dresses well. Let's just say, you wouldn't call her a fashion guru. So, who was she to say that I needed new clothes? Hers of all people??!!

When she was done with her light breakfast, she drove us to St. Lucia - about 15minutes from her house - where the apartment for inspection is located. We were at a red traffic light and she turned to 'inspect' me. I was waiting for her to comment on something negatively and obviously something not too complimentary. Lo and behold, she did not disappoint!

WTH #4 was her saying that I should put some powder on my face. That it'll make some difference ie I'd look better. Seriously, I was less than an hour in her presence and she had managed to make a lot of negative comments continuously. If it were constructive criticism, I can accept albeit with some reluctance.

BUT to be talked down at, ridiculed at and always being patronised? It's downright taxing.

There are several more WTH moments with her but I think I've shared enough. At the end of the day, my aunt has aged and she's always been strong willed with her own mind and a tad judgmental. But I just keep telling myself to look at the BIG picture, that whatever it is, she loves me.

It's tough but I try.


Kelvin said...

Lol. must be hard on u.

goingkookies said...

It's taxing to always having to prepare my mental mind... at the end of the day, I know la that she loves me and likes me tagging along as her PA.=)

If you think about it, there are some mean bosses out there who can be bossy, condescending and insulting...

ken said...

some people like the assert what they like to others.. i'd feel wth too if someone treats me like that.. i am who i am :)

MKL said...

It's a kookie world :P Ah, I've heard stories of Chinese aunts and aunties always giving such remarks. Welcome to the Chinese world :D Hope one day you will be more careful with your future niece :)

Bernard Patrick Chung said...

Luckily it's only WTH and not other things....haha