Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Social Network (Facebook) review

Two Tuesdays ago, Mr. C and I went to Carindale Mall to watch The Social Network. For the outdated ones (kidding), The Social Network movie is about how Facebook came about- how Mark Zuckerberg from an idea, founded a social network that would be simply mind blasting in our today, modern world. As Barney Stinson of the hilarious television series, How I met your mother would put it- simply LEGEEEENDAAARY!

But along the way, he met certain kind of people such as Sean Parker and with fame, status, success comes a price. But at what cost? Was it necessary to betray a friend? A friend who was there from Day 1?

I really felt for Eduardo Severin, the supposed best friend that was stabbed at the end. Would you have betrayed your friend for success? For fame? For money?

My weakness- a sucker for the downtrodden. I do wonder how accurate the movie is to what really played out in real life.

My rating for the movie is a mere 3/5 as the movie felt a little draggy. Some parts could have been omitted. It is not a must watch for the plot or actors but more so for one to know how Facebook came about.

However, Luke of Luke is Handsome gave a better review than I. Read all about it HERE and also Green Tea Movie's sterling review. Watch it and tell me what you think about it.

I miss watching all the latest movies. =[

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