Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Main Beach at Noosa Heads

This is a continuation of my Sunshine Coast post. Just so you know- Woombye, Nambour, Eumundi, Noosa and later on about Glass House Mountains are ALL in Sunshine Coast.

And so... after leaving Eumundi, we headed towards Noosa Heads. "Noosa Main Beach is the premier beach in the Noosa area. The waves here are rarely over one metre high, and the flat sandy bottom is ideal for beginners to the world of surfing." as mentioned HERE. There are several other beaches in Noosa and you can read it up HERE if you're interested to visit.

Justify Full
The journey felt like forever with just a loooong stretch of road with the occasional car driving past.

Noosa's Main Beach.

Although the sun was shining brightly, it was cold. I mean, after all, it IS winter. It was cold and you get chilled especially when there is a breeze but I was surprise at some people's attire to the beach. I know it's the beach and all... but it's WINTER!!

The view is just lovely. Picturerisque.

Despite the cold, some were sun tanning in their bikinis.

And snoozing. It's just like sleeping in an air-conditioned area. Only it's FREE.

It is a beautiful day at the beach.
Next time, we'll bring a picnic basket and a book to read.

So many potential good pictures to be taken.

I like the composition of this picture.

Mr.C and I.
Importantly, with our sunnies!

You could actually have your wedding here or a really snazzy party.

But it's a tad far from Brissie.

Apparently, I had a stalkerazzi for the day.

Aussies LOVE to bring their dogs out with them.

As we walked to our car, we saw this three girls, marker pens in hand, staring at a scribbled van that was parked next to our car. Mr. C and I went closer to have a look.

I mean, who wouldn't right? In fact, I think it's a downright cool idea. Anyone wanna lend me their car as a guinea pig??!! Hehe.

It was a definitely 'colourful' van, in terms of the words being scribbled on to it.

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Lisa717 said...

wow~~ what a van!!! macam kena tortured!! :P

goingkookies said...

wahaha.. that is an interesting way to see it. guess it's a form of expressing oneself =p