Saturday, June 5, 2010

Shopping at Garden City Mall

Last week, Mr. C and I went to Garden City Mall for a walk as previously mentioned.

I really love grocery shopping over here in Aussie. Everything is so neat and has a system. And besides, every once in awhile, the hypermarkets here offer specials- discounts on certain items. And tell me, what women can resist a good bargain??! *wink*

My bf and I have developed an affinity to Uncle Toby's Oats Creamy Honey, thanks to me!

It's super yummy and just the right kind of food to have for breakfast
especially if you're rushing.

Ooooh... pancakes is another must haves for breakfast!
Don't forget maple syrup, too!

See what I mean about the specials?
And I love their signs here,
it helps with comparison as they put how much per 100 grams etc.

Can't wait to buy this and try it out but I'll need to convince the bf to buy me a Bunsen Burner first. Will need that to burn the top part.

The crazy coloured sweets that I bet my future kids will drive me crazy to get them.

OOOH... this has got to be awesome!!

Colouring for this one is a little dodgy.

How to lose weight with specials on CHOCOLATES??!!! My fave!!

Waiting for Pods to cost AUD3 or less to get them!
Then, I'll have to figure out how to sneak it to the house without Mr. C's knowledge.

Chippies!!! Another weakness of mine.
Mr. C says I can only buy chips once I finished my tim tams. =/

Assorted varieties of Tim Tams but Original is still the best!

On my last few visits to Australia,
I have always succumbed to this yummy chocolate chip cookies.
This round, I have cravings for other things.
Think I am getting tired of Timos though.

This is for you Gill!

Bought this foundation stick. Pretty alright to use but I think I need to get some loose powder to put over it.

And that was my window shopping spree at Coles, Garden City.

We walked to some other shop- it's like a bargain shop with cheap stuff going for AUD2.

Things I'll get for my future little girls.

Forbidden to buy this for my future little boys.

There are LOTS of dodgy stuff at this shop at such a cheap price!

Hmmm.. I can hear my mum's voice at the back of my head.

Anyone want one?

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John said...

cheap store

JiLLiaN said...

wats the last one? I can't seem to read, pecker party what style? :(

gillian said...

Hey woman...
the foundation is only AUD2.50??tats like so so cheap man if it is really AUD2.50..hehe..nice to use ar the foundation stick? anything else thats cheap?anything interesting we cant get back home?

Pls dont get me any hot chocs ya..someone just came back from UK & gave me 1 bottle of it..

The dodgy sutffs looks interestinggg..bring them back & we we will put them to good use =p

goingkookies said...

John: Never underestimate cheap stores here. Quality is alright and they do have rather funky and entertaining stuff!

Jillian: I think it says pecker party in style.. hehe

Gillian: Haha.. didn't know you still read my blog =p. Yes. The foundation was on special ma. Easy to apply but I need to get loose powder to use over it.

Haha.. okies on the hot choc bit. I get for you dodgy stuff ar.. your request has been duly noted! =p

shelbybaby said...

hello babydoll. dropped by to return a *hug*. arrgh crazy lovin'the naughty straws and toothdix! would have loved to have it at my hen's nite!!

might quote your post for bachelorette-nspiration ;D

goingkookies said...

hi shelbybaby!!

thanks! haha. ur hens night is over? if not, i could always ship them to u =)