Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sex and the City

I was just browsing my old blog the other day and came across this post on Sex and The City, the first movie.

sex and the city

December 12, 2008 at 12:28 am (reviews) (, ) · Edit
charlotte, samantha, carrie and miranda
charlotte, samantha, carrie and miranda
i watched “Sex and the city” last weekend on dvd and was rather surprised that i liked it! i watched it with low expectations having read online the poor reviews although there were some ppl who raved how good the show was. well, i was surprised at the amount of shocking bits showcasing several nude scenes and imind u.. it’s not those parts that i liked ok. ppl having a go at it and if u haven’t a clue as to what i m referring to… BLESS YOU for still having a pure heart and mind!!
basically, i liked the story line which evolves around 4 friends (i wish i had this kind of friends meet up etc kind of friendship!) and the different love aspects in each of their lives. The lines were witty and appealing at times yet of course crude the other times. The way Mr. Big proposed to Carrie at the ending part was just le sigh
the wedding
the wedding
seriously, if my bf ever proposed in such a super-duper romantic way, i swear i won’t nag/lecture/scold him for a year no matter what!! ok ok.. realistically speaking, 6months!
FIRST PROPOSAL Mr. Big went about it as if it was a business proposal- simple, concise and straight to the point! i was disgusted and probably would bludgeon my bf if he ever propose in such a fashion! Here’s the conversation that lead to the “proposal”…
Mr. Big: What do you think, kid?
Carrie Bradshaw: Why… do you want to get married?
Mr. Big: I want you. So. Okay
Carrie Bradshaw: Well, I wouldn’t mind being married to you. Would you mind being married to me?
Mr. Big: No, if that’s what you want? Is that what you want?
Carrie Bradshaw: We’re getting married.
Mr. Big: Should we get you a diamond?
Carrie Bradshaw: No, please, don’t get me a diamond… get me a really big closet.
i can’t find the quotes for the second proposal.. where he did it right and on one bended knee! it’s old school and perhaps a tad cliche yet so classic!
well, i would like a diamond ring and a really BIG closet!! =p
So, go watch the show but do forward the “18sx” scenes (man, i dunno how ppl are so unabashed with nudity.. i know we come from the cavemen times… but still????!!!) … however, i bet u probably would just watch it! tsk tsk…
rate: 4/5
ps: ok. i admit, those nude ppl do have “nice”looking bodies. ok. at least they look better than mine! perhaps that’s why they’re ok with the whole wide world seeing them in their bday suit! i mean can u imagine seeing danny devito in the nude or kennysia(no offense meant!) or even perez hilton?? well, not that any of us want to imagine lar.. but u get what i mean.


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