Sunday, June 27, 2010

Korean Drama IN the house

Have you ever wonder where movie and drama ideas come from?? Well, let me tell you the secret... FROM EVERYDAY LIFE!!

A little about the home occupants..
Currently, Mr. C and I are staying in a household of Koreans. So far, everyone has been nice and friendly. There is the main tenant- a married couple (P for the hubby and J for the wife) with a baby on the way, two other guys (Ja and Jo) and another girl tenant (Jin) who came in a week or so ago.

Everything was going pretty well. Mr. C and I are asked to join in for meals and chats. The guys have their ciggy breaks most evenings outside at the porch after meals and then, proceeded by countless Go Stop games that goes on for hours til the wee hours of the morning.

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J will go shopping with Jin every alternate days and chat nineteen to the dozen with her. At times, I feel a little left out ish. I am in no way envious of their friendship but it just reminds me of my lack of female friendship, at times and makes me miss my chums.

This is what happened...

Anyway, Wednesday evening, we were all playing Go Stop and chatting. Jin who was previously in the US for two years to study English, went back to Korea for about 10 months and then came over to Australia just a week or so ago- she was asking Mr. C about her English. She was going on and on, asking the same question repeatedly as to why people here can't understand her English.

The thing with Jin is, among all the Korean housemates, she has the most fluent English (not to say that it is really good) which is accompanied by her US accent mixed with Korean accent! It doesn't sound like she pronounces her words and that is probably the reason people find it hard to understand what she tries to convey.

So, Mr. C, Jo, J and Jin were playing Go Stop and Jin just kept asking her same question over and over. Even Mr. C who is generally a very patient person started to get a little irked. It was like a time bomb waiting to happen- J, suddenly burst out in rapid Korean to Jin. I suspect that she was telling her to stop asking her questions or something. Few minutes later, Jin left the group and went to her room, banging her room doors.

Mr. C and I asked Jo what happened and he explained that J told Jin that Mr. C is too nice and will tolerate her questions but the actual fact is that Jin's English is poor. So, we suspect that maybe Jin thinks her English is good and didn't like being told otherwise.

The next day...

Whatever it is, I stayed over at my aunt's place on Thursday to spend some time with her, Mr. C called for a chat and updated me that Jin was moving out in two weeks- her deposit that she paid. J was livid that Jin didn't have the courtesy to tell to her face but instead, sent a text!

Since Wednesday night, we haven't seen Jin. Her clothes that she hung outside the house since Monday is still there. I find it a trifle surprising that a mountain can be created out of a molehill. J, perhaps did say her piece of mind in a high handed manner but for Jin to move out over this, it's a tad overboard.

Based on my talk with Jin earlier, she seems like she comes from a wealthy family and have things somewhat easy.
Perhaps that is why she may not be used to this kind of criticism and didn't know how to react to it in a mature manner.

Picture taken from HERE.

Eitherway, perhaps it's good that I don't know much Korean and maintain a certain distant with J. But so far, she has been really nice to Mr. C and I.

Then again, we are very like-able people! =)

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