Saturday, June 19, 2010

Every guys' nightmare

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STORY #1 - You Ought to Be in Pictures
The one thing my boyfriend, Josh, and I don't have in common is movies -- I love them, but he could care less. But for our third anniversary, Josh offered to take me to see one. When we walked into the theater, it was already dark, so we grabbed a seat near the front. Suddenly, a picture of us came up on the screen -- Josh had made a movie about us! He and some of our friends acted out scenes from our relationship, and as the movie ended, I turned and Josh was kneeling on the floor. He opened a box with a ring pop inside just as the words "WILL YOU MARRY ME?" flashed on the screen. Then the lights turned on and everyone yelled, "Surprise!" Both of our families and our closest friends were in the theater watching the whole time!

STORY #2 - Rules of Engagement
My boyfriend, Nate, had been deployed in Afghanistan for a year, so for my birthday, Nate's friends threw me a party so I wouldn't be alone. The last present I opened was a card that told me to check my closet upstairs. In the closet, I found a DVD with a note that said, "Watch immediately." It was a video of Nate in Afghanistan, holding a sign that said to go to the first place we met. We all drove over to the school where Nate and I had been kindergarten classmates, and then I saw a soldier on the playground. Before I could process what was happening, I realized it was Nate, who had somehow managed to come home. I started bawling on his shoulder, and then he got on his knee and pulled out a ring that was custom-made for me in Afghanistan.

Picture taken from HERE.


STORY #3- Lost and Found
I decided to take my bride-to-be back to the beach where we'd shared our first kiss and propose to her during sunset. I had the ring on my necklace because I thought it would be easier to take off, but I was a little nervous as I kneeled down, and when I tried to take it off, the necklace snapped. The next thing I remember: holding a broken necklace with no ring. We searched the sand inch by inch until nightfall, and then I decided we needed a metal detector. I quickly went out and bought one while my fiancee marked the spot, and it took us less than three minutes to locate the ring. Ticket to the pier: $2. Metal detector: $70. The feeling after we found the ring: Priceless.

STORY #4 - It Was a Gas
My fiance planned a trip to a ski resort in Pennsylvania, and had intended to ask me to marry him on a sleigh ride, but a heat wave had melted almost all the snow. He then decided he would just take me on a carriage ride, thinking it was going to be very romantic. NO! The horses started farting! And shedding! We had horsehair in our mouths and could smell farts the whole time. We finished the ride, and Jimmy wanted me to follow him to the edge of the mountain, but because of the rain, everything was muddy, so I said, "No, thanks, I'll stay over here!" He was so frustrated, he finally just plopped down on his knee right there in the mud and asked me to marry him!


Read Mr. C's proposal to me and decide for yourselves if it was GOOD or BAD. =p

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