Thursday, June 17, 2010

TIM thighs and TAM tummies

Although I am an engaged woman, I don't feel like one. I still refer to Mr. C as 'boyfriend' and not fiance. My friends would stressed the obvious fact to me that since I am engaged, logically speaking that makes Mr. C my fiance prompting me to inform them that it just feels strange calling him so. Especially when we don't act adultish nor matureish. And fiances are supposed to be for mature, responsible adults right? Bingo. And there you have it!

Despite me turning 26 in November, I still don't feel like a 26 year old. What do I mean by being a 26 year old, you might ask. Well, for one, I don't look my age. Most of the times, people tend to minus off at least 3 years to my actual age. As a woman, I guess I should take that as a compliment. Youthful looks. Now, if only I have flawless complexion, that would really make my day.

Even associating myself in the same sentence with the word "woman" is laughable. When you see how I look you'll comprehend my meaning. I probably look more like a Uni student or someone in their early 20's. Maybe the fact that I don't dress up much either contributes to my not looking my age.

Obviously being engaged, it leads to the next step- marriage. Don't ask when the big date is because we, ourselves don't have an exact date planned out yet. Tentatively, it'll be end 2011. Whether it happens, that is a long and different story altogether.

Which leaves me with plenty of time to lose any unwanted weight and shine as a stunning, beautiful and radiant bride. Right??!! More than 12 months and 1Kg for each month sounds doable. Right??!!

BUT living here in Brissie isn't helping. In 4 weeks, I've put on the 3kgs that I lost in the beginning part of the year. Bummer.

The reason why I put on weight is due to low metabolism and I do have heavy bones. When I told a guy friend that a few weeks back, he laughed at me and said that I was just making excuses to console myself. I thought he was a jerk for saying so. But I realised, when I hang out with that guy friend, I tend to lose more weight. I dunno if it's the ribbing that gets to me or what but I just do.

Enemy #1 - Bubble tea
Enemy #2 - Tim Tams

Enemy #3 - Arnotts Biscuits or Cottage cookies

Enemy #4 - Chips

Enemy #5 - Coffee

It's time to cut down on my cheer-me-up food or perhaps I should do double time at the treadmill or jog at the park to offset the junk I input into my system. Maybe even swim in the chilly winter weather might help me burn off more fats.

Mr. Jerk said that if I ever lost weight/fats and be slim, a lot of guys would come after me. Wonder what does that have to do with anything. As if I would need any unwanted attention as an engaged lady. =p

I have been gaining weight ever since going out with Mr. C rewinding back 10 years ago. My ideal weight now should be my weight 10 years ago before I met him. Ditch him? Muahaha. Kidding.
This is going to be one tough battle to fight. Anyone who is out to lose weight can tell you that. And I hope to come out of it- a winner. A slimmer one. =) *fingers crossed*

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