Friday, July 9, 2010

Rigmaroles of boringness

In Malaysia... my routine is pretty much mundane.

1) Wake up, shower, get ready all in 15 minutes and head to work in my Edward.
2) Brave the absurd, insane 45minutes jam to KL- work whilst cursing like a drunken sailor.
3) Reach work station, get a cup of coffee and browse through Bursa's site and The Star.
4) Carry out boss' orders and plurk at the same time, to make time go past faster.
5) Through out the day, bug AN and GV and poke AN.
6) Countdown til 5.45pm to go home.
7) Get delayed because colleagues will harass me to go for yamcha (drinks) when all I want to do is head home.
8) Dinner at home or out with friends.
9) Hang out with friends or home, online.
10) Sleep and the next day repeats itself.

In Brisbane, my routine consists of:

1) Mr. C waking me up to make his breakfast. Told you I am now a Domestic Engineer.
2) Sees him off and I shower and am on the computer- online. Sometimes, I don't shower til later.
3) Either blog, read other people's blog, reply emails and FB messages like now.
4) Occasionally chat with people online. Been feeling antisocial of late. So, zilch to this.
5) Look for Mr. C during his break.
6) Sometimes, have a walk in the mall but that has been cut down with the lack of moolah.
7) Cook dinner.
8) Play Go Stop (Korean card game), watch TV or online. MasterChef at7.30pm is a new routine starting this week.
9) Read pages of my novel and sleep.
10) The next day pretty much is the same.

I am interestingly boring in this manner. Rigmarole of my life.


reanaclaire said...

sounds like Brisbane is much a better routine!! :p

goingkookies said...

HAHA.. really?

but i'll need to get a job soon... =)