Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Unscrupulous Yuen's

On Sunday, Mr. C and I were at Sunnybank for dinner. After that, we headed to Yuen's for some grocery shopping or rather, more for just the walk. Now, you see, I have heard how Yuen's is dodgy and notorious for selling expired food which makes me wonder why people still shop there.

Lots of the food is a bit more pricey as compared to other grocers around that area. I finally saw the same Konnayku Jelly powder at Yuen's that I previously bought at Fresh Farms selling at AUD3.99! It's cheaper at Fresh Foods for only AUD3.50. Yeah.. I know it's only 49 cents but when you're on a budget, every single cent counts!

We only went to Yuen's because Fresh Foods had already closed by6pm where else Yuen's closes at 8.30pm on Sundays. Anyway, whilst browsing, I was excited that Maggie Mee Asam Laksa was going at 19cents per pack! Usually, it's 45cents or more, depending which grocer you go to.


The very first thing Mr. C and I looked at was the expiry date. Remember how I mentioned earlier in this post that they're INFAMOUS for selling expired goods??!! Well, true enough, the expiry date was removed!!

You can't really see it in the picture but it was SO obvious with the smudges of ink stain on the packet. I whipped out my camera, exclaiming how I just had to blog about this and did it in a rather open and unabashed manner. Mr. C said, "Eh... at least, be more discreet about it lar... later they bash me." but I felt, why should I?

They ARE in the wrong for removing the expiry date. It is there for a reason! If you go to Coles or Woolies or non-Asian supermarkets, if the food is near it's expiry or best-before dates, they will slash the price and be on Specials. Sometimes, it can be 50% off or even more. That's the fair and just way of doing things.

Not like dodgy Asians.

Of course NOT all Asians are dodgy like that but in Australia, there are many instances whereby I can see firsthand why Asians tend to give a bad impression. Bad Indian drivers are one fine example over here. When you see a taxi driver that is driving recklessly, everyone will exclaim- definitely an Indian! Sounds like a racist statement BUT unfortunately, it's the truth!

Yesterday at Chinatown, Mr. C and I went to Burlington Supermarket to look for his tongs- the kind that you use to remove the hot plate/bowl in which you steam something in. I saw the chinese herbal soup ingredients all prepacked and the price there stated AUD3.50. Hence, we got it BUT when we were charged AUD4.20 for it.

I asked the lady why and she brought us to the shelf where there were many varieties of prepacked traditional soup bases and she said that each one has different herbs in it, some more expensive than the others and they haven't had the time to update the prices shown.

What excuse is that??!! Makes me appreciate the organised and CORRECT labeling at Woolies and IGA and Coles!

I know about the different herbs but the pricing WAS misleading. Simple as that and whatever her excuses were, even if she was nice about it, it WAS wrong. I only bought it because I thought, based on the price shown that it was AUD3.50. Even then, it's more pricey then Fresh Foods at Sunnybank!

Basically, don't buy stuff at Chinatown and be wary when you shop at Asian shops. Sad to say that but it's the truth once again. I have more stories on Asians giving bad impressions but I'll keep it for another day.

If you're an Asian, please be civic minded and don't forget to be courteous too!

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Jack Ng said...

wahh .... no wonder ppl look down on asian , do things so cincai there 1 ....

goingkookies said...

Not just cincai.. no qualms of ripping people off. it's just bad press for Asians..

v!vi@n said...

LOL...wat is wrong with all this ppl..they never bother to do work properly one...

goingkookies said...

It's not that they don't work properly.. they purposely do stuff like that.. just so they can sell their goods.