Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Two individuals with two families' upbringing

Have you ever felt frustrated because you have to keep telling him to do this and that? And guys, do you get annoyed when SHE doesn't get off your case and leave you alone? Not to say that you won't do it. You'll do it in due time when you've played your Xbox or PS3 or when you're done watching porn and God knows what else.

And girls, I am pretty sure you don't love doing nagging in the first place.. WHO DOES?? but if he just did things without having to be told, you wouldn't have to say a thing at all, right??!!

Besides that, do you sometimes wish that he will understand you? Or how you don't get why doesn't he understand you despite the years of being together? Or you feel like smacking him because he says he listens to what you say but it goes in one ear and zooms right out the other? Or when you ask him a question and his response always seems to be, dunno?

And guys, you're probably thinking- "why can't she just let me be?" Why does she have to keep grilling me with her inane questions over and over again? Answering the mindless question is like dodging a field of landmines. You just never know when something is going to blow. When you choose the safest route, or so you thought it was the safer one, you decide to say, "dunno" and BOOM... it blows up in your face.

Guys, you just can't win and girls, he is never going to pick up after himself nor understand you. Or so we think.

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Relationships have it's up and downs. Just like every thing else. It's all about seeing how worth it that person is and putting in the effort to make it work. Not everyone can be perfect every single day and at every single minute. WAITAMINUTE. There is no such thing as a perfect person! After all, to err is human.

So, being a human and in a relationship, sooner or later, someone is going to botch things up but that doesn't give you the license to sit on your royal bum and do squat.

Relationships is a tricky thing to be in, all kinds of relationship may it be family, friendship and lover types. So, I will attempt to give some relationship advice as best as I can, not to say that I am an expert or a guru on this but I've been in one for 10 years and with the same guy. So, that has to count for something... right?

So, stay tune for more on relationships. =)


Fumoffu said...

Looking forward to it! I love to listen to stories :)

goingkookies said...

haha.. ok.. hope i do a good job at telling them =)