Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it CNY or is it Valentines?

How much would you spend on that special someone?

Is it really worth the price?

And 1 year from now or 5 years down the road, will the present even matter?

Does one need to buy something just to show one's love?

Is the latest Guess watch and bracelet something really that unforgettable? Is this how one's love is measured these days?

A present..a nice present.. then a bigger present... perhaps, a more expensive present?

I think as the years pass, we forget the meaning of love and what it's all about. Valentines Day is yet another that has been commercialised. You see flowers being sold. Heart shape objects everywhere. But is that what this is all about?

We hear love songs being written and sung. About breakup and heartaches. About love triangle and love not reciprocated. We watch love movies and how people fall so easily in love and so easily out of love. We see people fall in love and yet do stupid things. We see people in love do hurtful things to the people they love.

Tell me, what is love? Cos I really want to know.

I thought I knew the answer. I thought I new what it meant.

But that's what I thought...

However, if you're that lucky person who knows what love is and you have that special someone, NEVER ever forget why that person is special to you. Never forget the love you both have and never take it for granted.


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