Thursday, July 16, 2009

BKK trip Day 2, Part 1

Random facts about me: I love teh ping and cham ping!

And so, day 2 arrives with Winnie and I, headed down for breakfast that was provided by the hotel whilst Lynnie, the stowaway "bersolek". Thank God that I am not a stowaway and that is thanks to Ting Ting who couldn't make it at the 11th hour.

Winnie and I waited for the Stowaday further down from the hotel. While Winnie flirted chatted with a Tuk Tuk driver, I was taking shots of our surroundings!

Win and Lyn... flirting chatting with the tuk tuk dude...

me, the stalkerazzi photographer stalking taking photos as we go along

lots of grilled/ bbq stuff

Even frogs...

more food!!

what's this lady doing??

kaya bread!!! grilled on charcoal...

some thai delicacy

our manicure from the night before at Suan Lum

back road

On our first night in BKK, the tuk tuk guy charged us 150THB to go from Platinum to our hotel (it's really near) and then to Suan Lum.

We then asked him how much will it cost a tuk tuk or taxi to fetch us back to our hotel and he said it'll cost, I think, about 100THB (approx RM10) or less. In the end, it cost 75THB if I am not mistaken. I

MPORTANTLY, when you take a taxi in BKK, MAKE SURE you ask if they're on meter. IF so, it's usually cheaper than a tuk tuk.

So, after our short walk at the back alleys from our hotel. We hailed a tuk tuk or more like the tuk tuk kept pestering us to take his tuk tuk and we bargained from 100THB to 30THB. The guy accepted.

The second conman tuk tuk driver of our trip

SEE!! They are a bunch of con man. So, please be "sing mok" cantonese for alert, i think! Ok lar, to cut them some slack, these tuk tuk drivers are also just trying to make a living..

Anyhow, as we were on our way to Chatuchak. The guy suddenly said he's detouring us to the Gem Gallery much to our dismay and said that he'll get some free stamps for free gasoline. That was why he was willing to charge us for so low a fare.

Out of the kindness of our hearts, we agreed. But when you give people an inch, they always want a mile. The tuk tuk guy then said that he'll also take us to yet another detour but we firmly said NO. More like Lynnie. She's the mama.=p

We just browse through and acted like we were interested when all we wanted was to head to Chatuchak! Lynnie even told the sales people that Winnie and I are getting married and were looking for rings. Haha. You need to be with Lynnie to hear the bimbo things she says! Hillarious.

Ok. I am probably going to get a ribbing for linking her and bimboness. But I can't tell a lie.

So, after the Gem's gallery browsing. We were off to Chatuchak.

Or so we though. The tuk tuk driver conned us saying that it was just a short walking distance to Chatuchak from where he dropped us but he LIED!! We had to walk a fair bit! Think it took us about 10-20minutes.

Lots of jades and buddhist stuff

Whole road we walked was just stall after stall selling similar stuff

Seriously, we were tired just walking that distance before we reached Chatuchak. Our legs were tired, we were tired, sweating like mad under the scorching sun.


We REACHED!! at Soi 25

All the quaint shops selling from cups to wedding trinkets to cute girly stuff to clothes to bags and the list goes on... Of course, FOOD was sold too! We tried the coconut ice cream recommended by Winnie and it was interesting and definitely REFRESHING.

We left quite early as we didn't see much to really interest us. Plus, the heat was really getting on our nerves. And besides, someone had to get her clogged up colons cleanse.

Hence, she went to some dodgy reputable hotel whilst the two of us headed off to Siam Paragon area.

it's always JAMmed... like KL!!

the guy who has the same hat i bought! =(

Ps: That's all for Day 2, Part 1. Will blog the remaining Part 2 and the molesting bit another day. Sorry folks. Got to sleep!!

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Fumoffu said...

Woot! It looks fun! :D I so wanted to go too but see how lor. Bangkok is in my list so, I'm pretty sure one day, I will definitely step into Bangkok :D :D

goingkookies said...

haha.. go go..

must go to platinum ya...
and i heard JJ mall also lots of stuff but i didn't make it there..
it's near chatuchak if not mistaken.

chatuchak is just TOO big.. u'll need one full day or more to cover the area but be prepared for the heat!