Thursday, July 2, 2009

Noob to a Pro??

Growing from a noob...
In audit line at my company, the job grade is that when you first join, you start off as an audit assistant 2 (we just say AA2) and if you generally meet your seniors' and managers' expectation, you'll get promoted to audit assistant 1 (AA1).

The company used to have promotions in June and December yearly and most people are due for promotion once a year, depending when you join the firm. However, in light of the current economic situation, promotions have been frozen.

Becoming a pro...
As you progress on from a lowly assistant, gaining experience with each job and under the tutelage of your seniors and managers, you are eventually promoted to Senior 3 (S3 aka semi audit senior), subsequently to Senior 2 (S2) and Senior 1 (last year onwards, S1s are known as Assistant Manager).

Of course, from there after you move on to several levels of manager position and towards partner level, profit and non profit partners. That's if you do decide to stay on.

This varies with different accounting firms. However, there has been some slight changes implemented in mine recently... given a slightly nicer titles from assistants to associates. Simple titillating.

- AA2s and AA1s are now known as Associates.
- S3s have been upgraded to Senior Associates.
- S2s and S1s are NOW Assistant Managers.

ME... at this point of time...
Which means, I now hold the title of an Assistant Manager. How awesome is that? ?!! When I first started out as an AA2, I looked up towards my seniors and never really thought the day would come that I'll still be here... an Assistant Manager, much less a senior 2!!

It has truly been a loooong working journey. I wouldn't say that I had a blast or that I made great friends etc but I would say that I've learned a fair bit about the working world. Let's just say, the working world can be a rather ugly and unkind place. It's all about survival and how you go about it.

At the end of the day, it's what you choose to do with what you've gained. How you choose to take the negative and turn it into a positive. Everywhere, there will always be office politics and people who are backstabbers or have two faces. You have to learn how to be diplomatic and have good PR (public relations). How you carry yourself makes a whole lot of difference.

I see fellow colleagues who may work hard and are good at their jobs but are penalised for their poor or lack of PR. There are also those who may have good PR but are also good at 'tai-chi' ing their work to others. In audit, when we say 'tai chi', in other words, it means passing on your work to others to do. To put it nicely, delegating.

Points to take note...
When you are disgruntled and unhappy, you can't just go telling people off. You have to learn how to be vocal, assertive and express yourself professionally. The new generation seems to have buckets full of confidence and are extremely vocal and opinionated. However, this is sometimes borderline to arrogance. I

n fact, most of us, older ones realise that the younger generation are not accountable and responsible for their own work! Not just that, they don't admit when they've made a mistake. In fact, they don't even think they are wrong!

The new generation- rude, inconsiderate, obnoxious, no respect for elders???
When I was an AA2, we normally had to share desks with other AA2s. Sometimes, if you're late, then you'll just have to sit elsewhere, sometimes a senior's desk. When the senior comes in, we would automatically pack up our things and leave their desk in the initial state without even being told.

Just the other day, when I came in to work, an AA2 was sitting at my desk. I told him that he was sitting at my place and he said, "can you find a place to sit elsewhere? my things are already here." I just told him that my client might be looking for me and my things are there.

After all, it is my place!

Gee. I shouldn't even have to explain myself to him. I am a senior (now an AM!!) and it is my privilege as a senior to have a desk assigned to me. When I was an AA2, I make do with whatever vacant desks available. So please, in future, GET LOST when you see me coming. It's really becoming an annoyance of late. And I am tired of being nice and understanding. Especially, when it is one sided!

Sitting at my desk is one thing. Leaving it in a mess is a real pain!

I get leftover gifts such as files, jackets, manager's and partner's folders, water bottles, bags, rubber shreds and even dried up milo stains on my desk.

I feel like putting up a sign saying, "This is my desk... " *inserting my picture* "when you see this face walking towards this desk, VAMOOSE! Vacate the desk and leave it in it's initial condition!"

I know it sounds mean... but I really beh tahan anymore k.

Gosh.. how did a simple post turned into a rant?? *hehe* I better stop before I get even more carried away. Bleh. Plus it's late. I need to sleep. Once again, attempt to sleep early has failed!

Ps: I really hate it when I talk to people and they ignore answering especially when it's my family members.I feel it even more.


rccnlj said...

Hahaha. putting your pic is a great idea!

goingkookies said...

wat do you mean putting my pic?? wat pic??

Fumoffu said...

Woah! I am still contemplating whether to join an audit firm. Sigh. It may be a great start but I want to break this line (cos almost everyone is thinking this way). I am sure there is another way. Or maybe it's just me lol!

goingkookies said...

Oh. haha.

I suggest that you do internship first to get a feel but even then, depending on when you join.

Best to join Dec-March period. That's the peak and you actually get to feel how it's like. or rather close to it.

It is the fastest route to a "successful"career upwards. but it's not for everyone.

I, for one regret not joining maybe say a banking firm.. however, once again, i stress, different people different opinions.

Hence, perhaps, try internship first... and if not, go into audit, give it 6months to 1 yr. If you feel it's not for you, then leave. Don't stay on too long like me. =p

At my level, only 10% actually like what they're doing. Then again, in life, 80% don't like what they're doing.

It depends what you want. Job satisfaction? or moolah first!

Fumoffu said...

Thanks for the advice :)