Sunday, July 5, 2009

Long Distance Relationship Part 1

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OMG. It is so sweet to read Fumofumoffu and her bf's blog. The words in their blog expresses their love for each other. She just left Brisbane back for Malaysia after 24days of seeing her boy boy and I SO know how it feels. The heavy heart. Blinking back of tears. For me la...

Long Distance Relationship is super hard. When my bf first left for Brisbane in July 2006 to further his studies, I thought I held up pretty well at the airport. But once he gave me a last hug, it really hit me then, that this is goodbye, tears started welling up in my eyes! I had to hold back my tears as I hitched a ride back home with his family and I didn't want to appear to be a crybaby.

Once I reached home, I bawled like a one day old baby. It was just a pathetic sight. Well, to me. I like to think of myself as independent and well, a brave soldier. But for that one week, every little thing seemed to make me tear. Even when I was in office, I had to really stop thinking about him and how miserable I felt. The worst part was, I didn't had anyone to comfort me. People that I thought who would be there for me just wasn't. It was a hard time.

It was hard cos when my bf was around, he would fetch me from work EVERYDAY! mostly. And on most mornings, we would go for breakfast before he dropped me off at work. So, you see, when he left, I felt the gap acutely.

Even now, sometimes when I am missing him and I see all these couples walking at the mall, I feel a twinge of resentment and a teensy feeling of slapping their gooey lovey dovey couple faces. *Hehe* Not you Gill! =p

And then came July 2007 where I made my way to Brisbane on MAS. It was my first time traveling somewhere alone and I was alright. Except for the transit part at Sydney where there were no proper signs. It was a good thing that I asked around or else, I would probably have been stranded in Sydney and missed my flight to Brisbane.

That trip was super awesome. I went to Gold Coast's Movieworld, Dreamworld, Harbour Town, Russell Island and even watched Miss Saigon at South Bank!! My bf and I also flew to Melbourne to stay with my long time pen pal, Sal and her bf. She intro-ed me to Krispy Kreme and was always splashing make up on my face before I went out. =p

I met up with my sifu (ex- colleague who was my senior for a job) at his office. OMG!! KPMG Melbourne on Collin St has the most awesomely equipped pantry with their snazzy coffee machines!! He took my bf and I to Lygon St for awesome Pizza and ice cream!! Yup!! I was the only crazy person who decided to indulge in icream in the cold winter.

I still remember walking in the cold, enjoying my ice cream and putting on a nonchalant look as if the brittle wind freezing my already cold hands did not matter. But it DID! I was seriously cold. Cold is rather an understatement. More like numb.

We dropped by his apartment and then headed to Crown's Casino. I tell you, I really rocked at Baccarat there. It was just fun, fun and fun!! Following days were filled with trips to the Melbourne Museum, Historical building I think, Melbourne Aquarium (my bf is a sucker for these kind of places), Rialto, Southbank's Eureka building and Queen Victoria Market. If you're ever at Queen Vic Mkt, you got to try their spanish doughnuts! It's yummy especially eaten while it's hot.

It was a good trip! I really love Aussie. Winter with cute coats and boots. The clear, vividly blue skies. Friendly people. Cute angmoh guys!! (Shhh.. don't tell the bf I said that *hehe*) Bubbletea!! Awesome rides!! SUPERB sales!! What more can I ask for?? =p

Ok. Pics aren't in order. Basically, I flew from Msia to Brisbane and then to Melbourne. After a week there, flew back to brisbane for a week plus and then flew back to Msia!

More pics to come and LDR Part 2 to be featured soon...

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Fumoffu said...

Awww.. Once I saw that holding hands picture, my heart melted :)

"Shhh.. don't tell the bf I said that *hehe*"
He reads your blog, doesn't he? lol!

And omg, we initially planned to go Melb as well (to visit his friend) but he wanted to make this trip just the two of us so, he postponed our trip to Melb to next year :D

Can't wait for your LDR Part 2 xD

goingkookies said...

haha.. like urs right?? when i saw urs.. my heart melted too.. make me nostalgic and skimmed through my pics!!

haha.. he does.. but i think he doesn't read line by line!! wahaha...

so sweet. at least ur bf plan k. last few times i went, that monkey never really planned. make me pekcik.

hehe.. but the next round, he has to plan cos we're both low on $$$

Stay tuned for LDR part 2 =)