Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Idea for my future wedding


OMG!! You really got to check this URL out!!! My bro gave the link several minutes ago and I just had to share it!!

It's the entrance song and to this couple's wedding. DEFINITELY beats tradition!
This probably ONLY happens in the US though.

Just like the air steward rapper as blogged previously over here.

As at 29/7/2009 @ 1.04am, the wedding entrance dance clip has had

I think the beginning was really funky... but not the bride's "dance" down the aisle. Felt a little bit cheesy. Perhaps they could've mellowed/switched to a more suitable song to waltz her down to her groom.


I am inspired. Aren't you? =p


Fumoffu said...

That DEFINITELY beats that old and boring tradition lol!
I love this a lot! :D :D

Fumoffu said...

Wonder if we can do something like that as well lol!

Ignore the conservative parents.

It's OUR wedding anyway lol!!

goingkookies said...

haha.. easier to say ignore.. but when the time comes.. i think parents sure make a fuss one!!