Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Oh my blues!

On my first week back, I visited the florist to discuss the flower arrangements for my wedding. Lily from My Bridal Florist and I, with my mother had a delightful chat. She had some good suggestions and seeing how my mum was rather against my dark blue choice for the wedding, I opted for tiffany blue aka turquoise as per Lily, the florist's suggestion.

Although the colour has been changed to turquoise blue, my bridesmaids will still wear cobalt blue. It wouldn't be fair to ask those who have bought their dresses to go looking for new ones.

My bridal bouquet will be white roses with peonies and baby pink eustomas wrapped in turquoise ribbons. My bridesmaids will have turquoise themed corsages (which is still matching with cobalt blue) and so will the groomsmen's boutonnières. The bridal car which is my mum's grey ish blue Alza (for practicality and cost saving reasons) will also be decorated in said blue.

Am really interested to see the outcome of our discussion. Hope all will be as pretty as I picture it in my head.

And because of that, I had to go to the tailor and change the cobalt, royal blue sash to a turquoise one. It does look rather fetching. However, I reckon all colours match white easily.

Regarding my wedding dress, my mum and I decided to do away with the two white flowers on the sash and also the bow at the back. It is always the smallest details that makes a difference. Sometimes, the difference can be so subtle but you somehow notice it.

The two white flowers do look alright in pictures but in real life, if you look closely, you can see the edges fraying. Besides, it does look classier without. As for the bow, if I wore my veil, it would cover the bow, hence, pointless to have it there and have too many things going on at the back.

Next up was hunting for the ties to be worn by the Heng Dais (brothers) aka groomsmen. It is no easy feat finding ties in turquoise blue. Thank God I didn't have to find them in the initial cobalt blue. That is an even more impossible mission. LOL. Unless I scour every mall and every single shop that sells ties. Then again, the budget might be a problem.

I really like the ties in the above two pictures. Taken at Renoma section in 1utama's Jusco. They've revamped the place and I couldn't find the area that used to have racks of ties that cost less than RM20! Perhaps they're trying to 'up' the departmental store's image and pricing.

Miss Bubbly informed me of the Jusco Member sale the next day and I proceeded back to Jusco with her Jusco card on the second day of sale. Saw the above cutesie grey tie with baby blue polka dot selling for RM19.90. Material felt good and thick as opposed to the one below.
The navy blue tie was the reason I went to Jusco to have a look. It was priced at RM9.90. It would have been alright if the blue was lighter or brighter. I didn't think it will look good on the groomsmen if they wore white shirts. It would have looked just too plain.

So back to square one. Still have yet to find any ties for the groomsmen. Miss Bubbly mentioned that she saw the above and below two ties at Metrojaya in the Curve. Shall have a look tomorrow when I am in that area. The higher priced tie was at RM25.90. Should be pretty agreeable with the lads. After all, the ladies are buying their own dresses and not a single one complained at all!

I wished I had the dough to buy my bridesmaids beautiful gowns to adorn for my day and nice suits for the groomsmen. Oh well, so much for fanciful notions. It's back to mother earth.

Besides tie hunting, I've been utilising many a brain cells in regards to the wedding favours. My wedding venue does provide wedding gifts but it is a cheapskate version of Ferraro Rochere in Kopiko like wrapping! Someone commented that people don't really remember door gifts or wedding favours and it shouldn't really matter.

Well, it does matter to me. Of course, I wouldn't want to spend on candles or scented flowers or chopsticks or beautiful coasters as people won't appreciate nor use them. And neither do I want to spend time and effort making something people are just going to throw away after the wedding.

So, I've decided to make either Sugi cake or Chocolate Chip Cookies. The thing is, I need to decide which one to make. My sister said if I were to make cookies, I'd have to wrap them the night before the wedding to ensure it stays crisp. Despite knowing that I will have friends to help with the wrapping, I don't really want to be stressing out about it the night before the wedding when I am sure there will be other last minute details to look into.

Brain is still thinking... Cake vs Cookies. Cake vs Cookies. Cake vs Cookies.

And whilst battling in the mind over which to make, I went to Sea Park to source for the wrapping materials. The glossy paper and ribbons. Came upon turquoise blue wire and am thinking it'll be easier to tie up the wrapping paper. However, I think ribbons will look so much more better.

So, now, it's Cake vs Cookies... Ribbons or Wire. OhMyGosh!! How does brides-to-be do this??! It's just insane. LOL.

For the second week of my being back, I've actually been rather slack and taking it easy. Three more weeks and time to buck up and getting things sorted out and finalised. Photobook to settle, unity candle to get, cake/cookie ingredients plus wrapping materials to purchase, songs to choose, reception table spread and decorations to source for and the guest list plus table arrangements.

Time to tick off some of these matters. Or even just one of them!


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