Thursday, November 3, 2011

Shopping makes me happy

Most girls will agree that a dose of retail therapy cheers them up when they're down or upset and what not.

Me? Stress or no stress, upset or not, shopping makes me a happy camper! :)

Ever since coming back to Malaysia for wedding planning and what not, I've bought two bags and six pairs of shoes!!

BAGS : One from Jusco (the above picture) at a discounted price and another cutesy looking bag in Penang's Prangin Mall for half the price of the bag above.

SHOES : Two pairs from Vincci that was going off at half priced! It cost me about RM20 for each pair; Bought a white strapped wedge and a grey peep toe. In Penang's Prangin Mall, I bought a pink unique front flats, three peep toe heels; black, greyish blue and champagne!

I know that's crazy!! In my defense, they were all going at half price and was approx AUD10 per pair and for this price, I wouldn't be able to find back similar cut and style in Australia. Australia's fad tends to be really heavy shoes with super high heels.
So, definitely a good bargain! I can wear it out or I can wear it to work. So, WIN WIN! :)
Really liked this pair from Shoe Point in Penang but price was over RM130 without discount! :(

And another sexy looking heels that was just out of my budget despite me loving the style and colour oh-so-very-much!

Rows and rows of shoes of all styles and colours!!

Even wedding ones!!

So, ever in Penang and want to buy reasonable priced shoes, head to Prangin Mall in town. It's opposite Komtar Walk. I reckon it feels like Sg Wang. A brighter lit and more spacious Sg. Wang! There are just level after level of clothes, shoes, bag and what not! We only made it on one floor and we had to leave to head back to Petaling Jaya.


Even my sister who is NOT into shopping but several pairs of feminine looking flats and a pretty pink bag! See, even shopping did make her feel happy that day!

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