Saturday, November 19, 2011

A bubble tea addict

Since coming home, it is safe to say that I had at least 5 cups of bubble tea! And I am supposed to be losing weight for the wedding! LOL. Well, at least, not gaining any weight! But how to say 'No' to bubble tea?

They're so addictive... well, to me they are.

The Cha Time in Melbourne CBD was a real let down. It isn't the same as the ones here in Malaysia. So far, I've only been to the branch at Uptown and the other one in SS2 Mall and for both, quality and standards are there. I like how the tea taste is strong and the pearls are just the right chewable texture with the right amount of sweetness.

I've had many bubble teas and sometimes, on bad days, the pearls are hard and other days, they're just plain hard and no fun to chew.

However, since having my first bubble tea in Cha Time, I am addicted. And still am. Just last week, I had it on Sunday night, Monday afternoon, Tuesday night and even Thursday night and also on Saturday!

Seriously, they should give people like me some rebates or points like the EasyWay in Australia. Evertime you buy a drink, you swipe your loyalty card. Every 10 drinks, you get a free one. Oooh, I think Cha Time has such offer. Instead of gaining points electronically, they stamp on a hard copy card. But seeing how I won't be here permanently, I let my friend gain the stamps.

I know I shouldn't but I can't help but wonder when to get my next cup of Pearl Milk Tea....

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Kim L said...

omg, I agree!!!! I havent stop having chatime since I was back in Malaysia 2 weeks ago! The one in Melbourne, really is a let down.
tsk tsk

goingkookies said...

Kim : AGREE!! I tried the one on Swanston and the Ori Pearl Milk tea was diluted and too milky!

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