Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My God

For the past few months leading up to my birthday, I've actually been looking about for a nice heart shaped pendant for Mr. C to buy for me. :) But it is actually rather difficult to get the right size and shape. Most heart shapes we saw were either too big a heart or too small. If it wasn't the size issue, it would be the flaw in design; too gaudy or too plain, too ostentatious or too simple.

Somehow, I have yet to find one that makes my insides scream 'MUST BUY!!'. I gather it must be a matter of time or perhaps, it's just not meant to be.

When I reached back Malaysia on Sunday, the reason for my hiatus from blogging, my mum told me that a distant aunt bought for me a gift since she couldn't make it for my wedding. Lo and behold, it was a heart shaped necklace set. Well, it isn't exactly something I would have chosen but it does look rather chic and something I would definitely wear.
And today, I went out for Bubble tea at Uptown's Cha Time with Miss Bubbly. She gave me a belated birthday present. And I must say I was rather taken aback to see the content.
It was a heart shaped pendant!! Pretty, simple and elegantish. I find it funny though 'cos I somehow thought that it would have been more appropriate for my love, Mr. C to buy me one but somehow, God sent other people to buy me, my heart shaped necklace.
I can only conclude that God is somehow reminding me that despite my lack of faith in friends and life at times and what not, He is forever faithful and is forever looking out for me. Not so much a reminder but more so I feel that He is watching over me.
Only He knows the depths of my soul and my innermost desires. How great my God is.
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