Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mothership and a sweet blind bat

Went to the hairstylist with my mother and sister yesterday. LOL. Everyone's hair seriously needed some perk-me-up! After conversion to AUD, the pricing seemed alright. But in RM, it burnt quite a big hole in my pocket!

Mummy had her hair permed whilst I had my whole head redyed with treatment done. My sister, on the other hand had a trim and treatment carried out on her scalp as she tends to have pretty oily hair due to her scalp condition.

I wouldn't have bothered dying my hair if not for the upcoming special day. My streaks were fading and the regrowth was showing. The colour recommended turned out pretty nicely much to my delight!
As for mummy, she had quite a fair bit of white hair showing at the top of her head. I later on dyed her hair with a DIY box but now, her hair closest to the roots are rather purpley copper due to the dye colour showing more on her then, white hair.
It was our first girly time out together doing something feminine. LOL. We're not much of those gushy giggly girly girls. Sometimes, I wished they were a little bit more.
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